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  1. J

    AP Racing Brake Kits on sale for $1,000 off!

    Essex is hosting a sale during the month of November on all Tesla Model 3 Brake Kits, with discounts up to $1,000 off: https://www.essexparts.com/my-vehicle/2021/Tesla/Model%203/Performance
  2. O

    Strange Battery Range Issues

    I have a 2017 Model S with 23,000 original miles. I charge to 80% (250 miles) normally and generally run the battery down under 100 miles range before recharging. In the 150 nominal miles of driving I generally get about 130-135 miles or about 90% of what is expected. In the last month my...
  3. S

    Odd behaviour with web control

    I've been controlling my powerwall 2 via its web interface for getting on for two years. Come the start of the off-peak tarrif period in the evening, the reserve gets set to the current charge, and grid power is used until the end of that period in the morning, whereapon the reserve is set to...
  4. A

    Body shop damaging the battery

    So a while back, I was rear-ended while stopped in my Model X at an intersection, while an ambulance tried to cross. The damage was relatively minor, but given that the bumper contains a lot of tech, my insurance estimated the repair at 70 hours of labour. Since there wasn't a "Tesla certified"...
  5. C

    Leaking PW 2s? #PowerwallRegrets

    Should I have got a generator? Two PW2s installed end of November -- 2 backups total -- 1 during install for 5 mins, 1 in Dec for a few hours. FINALLY got charge up to 99% (never saw 100) -- says app. Why? Vermont-based - snow on panels from Nov-Apr. It was wonderful to see 99%. For a few days...
  6. J

    Tip for 3~4% Battery drain overnight.

    I was experiencing overnight battery drain from my Model X, and found the reason for the issue. I usually put my key fob next to the door to the garage, and that was the cause of the problem. After locating the key fob way from the door (10ft) the problem has disappeared. If you are experiencing...