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  1. A

    Export slacker song favorites or playlists?

    Before Slacker streaming is discontinued at the end of the month, is there any way to export all our favorited songs, so we can transfer them to Spotify or some other streaming service? Especially if there's a way to export the songs most frequently picked for the playlists, that would be fantastic!
  2. fasteddie7

    75 S and X discontinued

    I saw this coming. Kinda stinks as that model works for my family and it was a good price. Oh well, 100d here I come...
  3. elmos_world

    Impossible Design Studio

    Order a Model S Discontinued exterior color + discontinued wheels + Multipattern Black with Carbon Fiber decór with Light Headliner = the most impossible Model S in the latest Design Studio. Unless I manage to put Arachnid Wheels and Red Calipers on non performance, and figure out how to bring...
  4. Krash

    Quarter End Purchasing Advice

    I thought I would add my experience to the collective knowledge. I put a deposit on an S 60D right before the announced discontinuation. During the window to change configurations Tesla announced the price change on the 75D and the included glass roof. But they also discontinued the Air...
  5. GasKilla

    Anyone need a Tesla 10-30 adapter

    I'm planning on swinging by a local service center to pick up a 5-20 adapter and when I called them today they said they had 10-30s in stock. I might pick one up for myself but I'm wondering if anyone else needs one since they aren't available online and some service centers no longer have them...
  6. C

    RIP Insight (again)

    Sad story but really not surprising. It's Official: Honda Kills The Insight Fit EV