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    Vendor 🎃 Lasfit Halloween Sale! Enjoy 15% Off +Free Shipping 🎃

    Halloween is just around the corner, and we have a special treat for you! 🎃 Get ready to upgrade your ride with our exclusive Halloween promotion. For Tesla enthusiasts in the Tesla Motor Club, you definitely don't want to miss out on Lasfit's high-quality TPE floor mats. They provide...
  2. Beta V

    Discount offer

    About a week ago, I took a test drive of a 2023 MX. I was happy with the yoke but not the price so I told the salesman that I would think about ordering a vehicle. That was a week ago. Yesterday, I got a call from a California-based Tesla Ownership Loyalty Advisor who offered a "$20,000...
  3. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery (Pre hike price & $3000 credit 6 seats upgrade)

    Hello, Summary: looking to sell MX Plaid reservation best offer (registration info not entered yet). Details: - $123,490 base price/config (White exterior, black interior, 20" wheels) It was ordered as 7 seats and Tesla is going to give free upgrade since Plaid only comes with 6 seat now for...
  4. W

    Model X Plaid reservation for 9/1 - 10/6 delivery

  5. sb415

    SA Discount

    Is it possible for an SA to give a discount when you order? Do they have the ability to provide free options like upgraded paint or wheels? I heard it’s better to place an order with an SA for this reason. But not sure if anyone else has experienced this.
  6. TM3Newbie

    Group Offer: Undefeated Garage - Inland Empire, CA

    Hey Everyone! Just wanna provide you all with an offer you cant resist. My close friend is hosting a special week of PPF installs. Give Javi a call and let him know that Dylan sent you! Phone #714-323-2064 OFFER IS ONLY VALID NOVEMBER 9-14 They use SunTek and Xpel films, you choose which one...
  7. A

    Mavis Tire - Can't perform tire swap due to anti-theft protection?

    So I ordered some new tires from my local Mavis Discount Tire earlier this week so I could have them swap out my summer tires from my 20" sport rims. While on the phone with them, I confirmed that they would be able to work on my M3P and was assured that they would be able to provide the...
  8. B

    £3,000 discount on Inventory Model 3 Performances

    Right now Tesla are offering a flat £3k off all Model 3 Performances in Inventory. Seems they're also selling ex-demos as 'new', but with a further discount. If you were on the fence, might be as good a time as any to buy one. If you do, feel free to use the referral code/link in my profile :)...
  9. TM3Newbie

    Group Offer: The Windows Tinting - Orange County, CA

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to reach out and provide you with an offer from the guys at The Windows Tinting in Santa Ana, CA 2100 E McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Look them up on Google or Yelp and you will see the flawless work they do on Model 3's ALL SERVICES ARE 15% OFF WITH MY...
  10. G

    Insurance discount for COVID-19?

    Many of my friends receive a 1-2 month discount on their auto insurance due to the coronavirus lock down. I'm wondering does Tesla insurance offer similar things? :-)
  11. S

    Prices Paid Tracker

    $20k off new Teslas?!! I am creating a new Database to share which OAs / Salespeople or Showrooms find the best deals and sharing it FREE. I run Tesla Showroom Deals, I saw someone on IG trying to make $1k off people.. which is nuts, so I am going to give it out for free. I've helped over 2,000...
  12. P

    Enhanced Autopilot: Future discounts (or free?)

    I held off on ordering EAP for my Model 3 because, having never experienced it, I couldn't justify the cost. It's comforting knowing that the hardware is already there, and that got me thinking: Is there any precedent for Tesla offering discounts or changing their policy on non-hardware...
  13. alwaysru

    $1000 discount ending. Free supercharging continuing after 11/1.

    Got an email tonight from Tesla that the $1000 referral discount ends 11/1, but the free supercharging offer will continue. FYI in case you’re looking at buying. And if for some reason you still need a code, let me know, I have two left.
  14. YauKwan

    Model X100D - $90,800 - Hawaii Only

    I tried to buy this X, but found out its in Hawaii its $18,950 off MSRP eligible for $7,500 fed rebate for a total of $90,800 Model X 100D 5YJXCDE23HF043882 | Tesla Take another $1,000 off for owner referral and unlimited supercharging(please pm me for code if you do buy this car)and you're...
  15. G

    ~$80-100 off 3yr lease for inventory s60 and 60D

    not sure why my last thread was deleted but heads up to people that there is a promo until the end of the month on inventory s60 and 60d for an additional $80-100 off the price of a new car. I've heard that some have been able to downgrade inventory s75 and 75d to 60 kWh and received the...
  16. G

    You 85kWh -> 90 kWh, me 40kWh -> your old 85 kWh pack + money to you...

    Hi All, I have 40kWh Tesla, because the supercharger network can now finally reach the place I'd most like to take the car, I'd like to make the leap to upgrade to 85kWh / 90kWh pack... Given how little I drive (20k km in 3 years), it's hard to justify the cost of a new 90kWh pack. Maybe you...