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  1. J

    I need some help deciding on what to do in this situation

    I got my MYP recently, then 3 days later I hit a deer, the car seemed just fine to drive, so I continued to do so while I wait for my insurance to give me an estimate for the shop, very little damage (idk how to post photos here yet, sorry) So 5 days go by, and on the fifth day my windshield...
  2. iSpanglish

    Thoughts? Ideas, insights welcome, On two things?

    1. Do you think it’d be reasonable to sell my model 3 lr rwd for like 40-44k or maybe lower depending? (white, premium int. Autopilot and FSD. 2. Do you believe we may see a refresh or the plaid model S and X and if so wouldn’t that knock down the pricing on the model S? I ask as I was looking...
  3. YusufT

    Ontario Insurance Discussion

    I got the dreadful yearly renewal paper that my insurance is much much higher even though I have 0 claims or tickets. Word on the street is all the insurance in Ontario increased. But my area (Vaughan) seems to be a bit more affected according to the local insurance agents here. My insurance...
  4. Skotty

    EVs and Tesla Talking Points for Radio Guest

    I'm going to be a guest on a half hour radio segment on Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016 at 5pm Central. We will be discussing EVs and Tesla. It will be on KOPN 89.5 fm (News | KOPN 89.5 fm). I'm putting together some general talking points based on what I expect to be discussed. I'm posting here for...