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  1. Empty tank

    Full calendar display

    Is there away to display a full calender on the screen of any tesla? Not the phone sync but a whole month?
  2. C

    Putting car in park does not fully transition to parked state

    For at least a couple weeks now I've been having a chronic issue with my M3 not fully transitioning to "parked state" when I put it in park. The display still shows the car in "drive mode" with sensor warnings present rather than the buttons to pop the drunk, trunk or charger. Anyone else...
  3. homero89

    FS: Model 3/Y Dash Display (Steering Wheel Screen)

    Planning on selling my car soon so no longer have plans to install this display. Many of the displays out there are ~10 inches, this one is closer to ~9 inches. Can get more pictures if asked but not sure what else to show. Located in DFW. Asking $325 shipped
  4. P

    2021/2022 Model S - Dash screen spotty?

    Took delivery of my Model S a few weeks ago and I noticed that there’s “spottiness” towards the left side of the display. This affects roads, the volume indicator, everything. Is this normal for other owners?
  5. NowIsGood

    V11 Transition Guide

    I wrote this up as a guide for myself and my SO to help transitioning from V10 to V11. Thought it might be helpful to others. I know many folks feel that V11 is a mixed bag at best. This isn't intended to address that, just to help find and do things that we were used to doing a certain way in...
  6. P

    Tesla Energy Visualizations

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, I’m kindly asking for your voice I’m currently conducting graduate research on the expression of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. As part of my research, I’m hoping to learn from drivers’ experiences and use my research to amplify drivers’ needs. I noticed...
  7. T

    Model S/X missing Model 3/Y 3D aerial display view

    I Drive a 2018 100D MS with HW3 upgrade and FSD. Until recently I believed that Model S/X Displays the GPS map same as model 3/Y, but a rep at my Tesla Sevice Center confirmed to me that this is not true for the following case: When the GPS map on S/X is set to compass mode, with the top of...
  8. F

    Heads Up Display Options

    Found this on the Interwebs Does anyone have any experience installing a Heads Up Display in their model Y? How does it look, got any pics to share? How's the installation process? Does it take up a USB slot? Any HUDs you would recommend? Or are they all a waste of money?
  9. S

    Auto dimming screen malfunction

    Had a curious thing happen on the way home tonight. It was clearly getting pretty dark outside, yet the screen was very bright. My daughter agreed. I checked the 'display' settings... it was set to 'auto' (in the day/night/auto selection) and 'auto' in the brightness slider arena. The slider...
  10. RNHurt

    Is it normal for vehicles to jump around on the traffic display?

    I understand that there should probably be some movement of the gray vehicles on the display, but mine jump around quite a bit and I'm wondering if that is normal. On the drive home, my kids and I joked that large trucks (tractor trailers) seem to dance around in their lane quite a bit. Even...
  11. ggr

    Falcon 9 goes on display at Houston Space Center

    SpaceX delivers Falcon 9 rocket stage for Space Center Houston display | collectSPACE
  12. BZM3

    Why can't I see both Battery Percentage and Miles??!

    I feel like it shouldn't be a choice to display either the percentage battery remaining, or the miles range. Anyone else agree? I do like the simplicity of just using the % remaining option, but when I'm getting low I'd like to just take a quick glance at my range without having to open up the...
  13. D

    Backup Camera not working

    Hi i just bought my tesla.model 3 yesterday and the back up camera is glitching. I already tried the steering wheel reboot and powered it off through security. At first the screen was all white and after I rebooted it it went away and I got like a redish color back up picture, almost like...
  14. D

    Backup Camera not working

    Hi i just bought my tesla.model 3 yesterday and the back up camera is glitching. I already tried the steering wheel reboot and powered it off through security. At first the screen was all white and after I rebooted it it went away and I got like a redish color back up picture, almost like...
  15. T

    Garbled Text

    Hi, I know this was mentioned awhile ago but is anyone still having an issue with garbled text on this display? This happens usually while charging and a reboot is required to fix it. Its getting pretty annoying. July 2017 Model S running 2018.50.6 4ec03ed
  16. S

    Color Temperature of Dashboard Display

    I got sw-version 2019.8.1 for my model s one week ago. Since then I've noticed a slight change of the dashboard display color temperature. In comparison with the MCU different shades of grey seem to look warmer on the dashboard display. Although this isn't a big issue to me, I would like to...
  17. J

    Nearby Vehicle Icons Jiggle/Shake

    Subsequent to the V9 update, the icons for vehicles in adjacent lanes are unstable - even if all vehicles concerned are at a dead stop, the icons reflect jerky movement in both forward/back and left/right dimensions. This seems to me to be a bug - if none of the vehicles are moving, should...
  18. gnuarm

    Limited Context Sensitive Help

    I've only had my model X since Aug and was still getting used to the User Interface (UI) when it was significantly changed with the new software update. Ok, I can live with that. But now I'm starting over again and having to view all the controls many of which I had researched in the manual...
  19. Mark77a

    Display Battery_PWR, Motor_PWR etc. MS vs BMW M5 on autobahn

    I just watched a P100D vs BMW M5 on autobahn One has better acceleration other top speed .. Guess ? :-) But most interestingly the Model S displayed battery, motor and acceleration data in real time of the front display... QUESTION: How do you show this ? is it an app ? only available on...
  20. Haxster

    Cars keep crashing into me...

    Or at least that's what V9 shows when I'm stopped in a center lane at a red light. Rather annoying to see images of vehicles, well within their lanes, sliding sideways into mine. Perhaps Tesla should add some metal crunching sounds to enhance the effect...or not.
  21. AutobahnEV

    Tesla MCUs for sale (tested and working!)

    1004777-00-C: Tesla Model S (2012-2016) OEM MCU Touch-Screen Nav Display GPS # 1004777-00-C | eBay 1004777-00-E: Tesla Model S (2012-2016) OEM MCU Touch-Screen Nav Display Part # 1004777-00-E | eBay Tesla Model S (2012-2016) OEM MCU Touch-Screen Nav Display Part # 1004777-00-E | eBay All...
  22. Amit519

    Model 3 @ Rocklin Tesla

    I just received an email from Tesla NorCal Reno mentioning that the Model 3 will be on display at the Rocklin Tesla from tomorrow April 27th. Finally you can see, touch, feel and sit in the car over 430,000 of you have placed a $1000 deposit on. It's everything you have heard about it and a...
  23. zosoisnotaword

    Non EAP Touchscreen Display

    If autopilot is not purchased, does the display still show your car, lanes, and other detected vehicles under the speedometer? If not, what is shown in its place? It would be really helpful to still have that feature without EAP once the adjacent lane vehicle display is added.
  24. B

    Driver Display stays on

    Has anyone noticed this issue? When the car is charging and I walk away the car locks but the driver display stays on showing the charging screen. If I lock with the key fob the driver display turns off. When the car is not charging and I walk away the car locks and the driver display turns off.
  25. T

    Configurable Instrument Panel

    I'm trying to find ways to change the configuration of the IP - to show music on the left and to be able to change it on the fly. I thought it was possible, but I'm not finding anything on how to do it.
  26. Lex

    Tire pressure display in Canada (and all Metric?) in BAR

    First of all, is it the same for all cars around the world that switch to displaying speed in km ? Who measures tire pressure using bar ? But that said I've actually come to enjoy it. For some reason it's more accurate than the PSI display, eg. In USA setting it could show 45 45 45 45...
  27. M

    V8 vs V7.1 Falcon Wing Door Speed Comparison Video

    Just got my Model X V8 this morning and made a quick side by side comparison video of the Falcon Wing Doors speed. I think the biggest difference I see off the start is closing and locking. A huge difference. Check out the video here:

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