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  1. L

    2023 Model 3 RWD on phone via bluetooth speaker distortion/crackling

    I just picked up a 2023 RWD 3 and when I use my iPhone in the car over bluetooth to make phone calls, the person sounds like they are talking through a partially blown speaker. The person I am speaking to says I sound clear to them but they don’t sound that way to me. Playing music sounds fine...
  2. Padelford

    HW3/MCU1 Dashcam Image Quality Question

    I'm a noob to the Dashcam feature under HW3, and I've noticed some apparent problems with recorded video quality. I've attached an example below. It exhibits hesitations and image break-ups. This is one of the worst examples - the distortion problems aren't this bad on all recorded video...
  3. M

    Windshield distortion - NOT at the bottom, near rearview mirror

    I recently got my Model S back after six months in the body shop for some major reconstruction after a crash. The windshield around the rearview mirror has the same sort of distortion as the bottom; though it actually seems worse. I had the body shop replace it, but the "new" one has the same...