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  1. E

    Show off your phone dock/holder in the MX

    Pretty new 2019 MX owner (raven). Would like to see how you all setup your phone dock/holder. I bought the Tesla made quick connection dock, but it doesn't work well with my iPhone 11 (not sure if designed to hold the new model). Looking to see what you have all done (or not done) and ideas...
  2. fasteddie7

    Official type c installation

    I saw Tesla finally came out with an official type c charger for the s/x! I got one and installed it easy peasy! Made a video for everyone, as if you do need to change the charger port in your console do to getting a new phone, it'll help as each one install the same!
  3. Andrew

    Longer Lightning Connectors for dock?

    I'm having a heck of a time trying to get our iPhones to fully seat on the lightning chargers in the 3's phone dock. We have cases on the phones, but they're not particularly large (I have a Mous case). The connectors are too short by just a millimeter or two. Has anyone else found a...
  4. Nerdy_Engineer

    USB-C Quick Connection Phone Dock

    Has anyone found a good USB-C cable to use with the Quick Connection Phone Dock? I'm getting a new phone soon, and it is going to have USB-C. I know Tesla still doesn't offer their own USB-C cable for the phone dock, but I'm hoping that there's a decent aftermarket cable I can use with it.
  5. MrJones390

    Yacht Floor Phone Charging Stand Install with Pics

    A lot of people have questions about the best way to mount and charge their phone in model S. Here is my solution which involves semi-permanently installing a charging dock on the yacht floor with no drilling. (*Note: Blue lighting is another mod described in a separate thread. Please ask if...