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  1. S

    Trunk Mat – the Tesla Accessory that Impacts your Family Health

    I came across an article about how your car is a germobile and did more research and found this topic really interesting and eye-opening, really. So, I decided to write an article in The Medium. Looking forward to comments from you Tesla owners, especially dog owners and parents of young kids...
  2. blackhawk

    Custom dog bed for the Model Y trunk?

    I have a big skinny dog that loves hanging out in the trunk, but the trunk surface is a bit hard for him for long drives. I put a blanket down there but he ends up balling it up into a corner. Does anyone make a custom bed/mattress that is sized to fit the Y trunk? It wouldn't have to be very...
  3. D

    Dogs Model 3 vs Model Y

    Hey, I am sure this is discussed on here already but I tried my best to search and couldn't find anything. I am currently waiting to take delivery of a MYLR but ever since I placed the order I have been considering changing to a M3LR. I originally ordered the MY because I have 2 large dogs...
  4. YorkshireBrew

    Model 3 - Dog and Baby Tetris.

    Hi All, I was wondering whether any of you have had to get their 'significant other', a baby and a dog in their M3 at the same time? The dog is a border collie so medium sized dog and is more than happy in the boot of hatchbacks with the parcel shelf removed. I'm picking up my M3 at the end of...
  5. tbwnm

    Is the Model Y the best choice if you have a dog?

    Our 2019 Model 3 SR+ was recently totalled and now looking to order a replacement Tesla. We are a family of 3 and have a medium sized dog (50lbs) and even though I personally like the style as well as the way the Model 3 drives, we are thinking of switching to the Y to make it easier to bring...
  6. MrTemple

    Rear Seat Area Dimensions for Dog Car Conversion

    Hi there! I've got my MY on order, and I'm wondering about my dog-car conversion. I converted the back of my 2007 Outback, to a flat dog bed by filling the footwells with little benches, then putting some foam across to make a flat bed from door to door. Put a seat cover underneath to protect...
  7. J

    Winter Road Trip with dogs?

    Has anyone done a significant road trip in the middle of Winter? With dogs? For the lunch stop with warmer temperatures, I would try to find a "dog friendly" restaurant, which translates into one with a patio. In the winter it would be too cold to sit on a patio. Unless you have a service...
  8. I

    Greyhound in the Model S boot

    Hi there, newbie here looking to buy a Model S soon. The only thing causing me concern is that I have a greyhound- and they're obviously quite tall. So first question- any pictures with your greyhounds or equivalent height dogs in the boot? Size isn't the concern- the boot is broad and deep...
  9. Nathanael

    Model 3 - Tips for dog owners

    Do any current M3 dog owners have any tips to share? Im getting my model 3 next week, and I would like to prep it as much as possible for my med-large shepherd/husky mix. He sheds like crazy, and we like to take him to the outdoors often, so mud and dirt is an issue as well.
  10. ModelNforNerd

    Lost my navigator yesterday

    Mods, if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move. It starts off non Tesla-related, but it gets there.....I'll try to be brief. 8 1/2 years ago, I met a girl who had just adopted a dog. We had a Cavalier and a moped between us for transport. That dog decided we should be together...
  11. G

    Is your dog afraid of the Model X?

    I have a large dog, 95#. She doesn't mind going in my wife's Range Rover or the kids' Volvo, but she digs in her heels when I try to put her in my Model X. I wonder if there's a sound at a frequency I can't hear? The "step up" is not an issue for her, and she needs much more human pushing to...
  12. L

    FWD and dogs?

    Anyone have any issues with the Falcon Wing Doors and dogs? Just curious if you have any issues with your dog(s) when opening and closing the doors.
  13. C

    recommendations for large dog and cargo capacity in Model X 5-seat fold-flat

    I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for outfitting a Model X with the new fold-flat 5 seat configuration to maximize cargo capacity and to safely (and cleanly!) transport a large (100lb) dog. Most of the time it would be two people plus dog, but some of the time, extra passengers in...
  14. L

    Pet Barrier for Model S

    I have a Tesla Model S70 and a 40 pound dog who would love to jump over the trunk and ride up front with me. Does anyone know if Tesla (or any other manufacturer) makes a barrier that would keep "Ollie" in the trunk area or, of I were to fold down the back seats, something that would keep him...
  15. SSD420

    Dogs in Model X - best way to keep clean & scratch-free

    Since a ton of us have dogs, I have a question for everyone... I just got my Model X 36 hours ago, I sold my ICE vehicle yesterday but forgot that my dogs have to go to the dog walker's next weekend - and I have to take them. I'm petrified to let my dogs in my brand new, exceptionally clean and...