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door handle

  1. ChooseFreedom

    Door handle paddle sensor switch issues

    Does anyone know what the proper setup is for the paddle sensor switch in a gen 2.0 door handle assembly? I recently had a broken paddle gear, so I swapped it out, but when the handle presents, the metal piece from the paddle switch sensor is slipping off the top of the paddle, so when the...
  2. R

    Calibrating door handles using new tool

    I have a Model S from 2018, and my passenger door handle this morning was yelling for a bit, and wouldn't open the door, although it does fully extend. When locking, it stayed out by like 20%. It seems its target for in/out are offset. It tries to go like 20% further than it can, and retracts...
  3. RNHurt

    Removing door handle bezel (chrome); should be simple!

    I was looking through the Tesla Service Manual for my 2020 MX and noticed that the chrome for the outside door handles should pop off easily. The manual states that you; open the door, use a plastic trim tool to pry the bezel towards the rear of the vehicle, and slide the bezel off. Seems...
  4. W

    Door Handle Operation

    2015 Model S Doors set to automatically present driver's door handle only and to remain unlocked at home. The doors always lock at home and all handles may present or just the driver's handle. No consistency. Any ideas?
  5. O

    Door handles randomly unlock after locking

    Hello eveyone! Just joined as I just found this cool site. I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this issue before. My door handles will unlock just after locking the doors via the fob or phone app. This doesn’t seem to happen if I open the passenger front or any other doors; only if...
  6. N

    Driver door handle presenting and retracting three times every mode transition

    Each time I transition from park to drive/reverse or activate the door handles from the outside and allow it to timeout to retract the handles, the driver door handle retracts and presents exactly three times. The handle does not appear to be damaged in any way and suffered no trauma. There were...
  7. ishareit

    Door handle noise

    Similar to this video (which is not mine), my rear passenger side door handle also makes a noise that disappears slowly after pressing it a few times. Does anyone know what this could be? It is not always reproducible and not worth taking into a service center. 2022 Model Y delivered in March.
  8. J

    12v battery / vampire drain / humming noise... Tesla errors?? Warranty??

    Hi everyone! I’ve recently buy a S70D 2016 and notice a daily vampire drain up to 8%!! (No summing or sentinel) Also notice humming noise from the front that I don’t know if is related... but from yesterday I’ve got the message “schedule service to replace low voltage battery” when it was...
  9. skrenes

    Tesla Model S Door Handle Microswitch UPGRADED Harness Replacement

    Hi everyone. I've grown tired of having my Model S door handles repaired every year, especially since I'm now out of warranty and I think it's about $400 each time. EV tuning has an upgraded micro-switch/wire replacement that seems problem free. The trouble is the shipping is obscene ($111.62...
  10. threadloom

    2016 Model S door handle presents but door wont open when the door handle is pulled

    My 2016 Model S door handle presents but the door wont open when the door handle is pulled. Tesla replaced the door handle 3 times so far, twice with Gen 3 door handles and the issue still persists. Anyone have any suggestions on how it can be fixed? Have appointment on Monday with Tesla again.
  11. Rshephorse

    My Door Handles are Invisible In the Dark!

    I Love the blacked out look of the car, I love the deep blue color of the car.... but as the days get shorter and the weather colder, I realize that finding the door handles is going to be a challenge, especially with gloves on! I also appreciate living and recreating in areas with little light...
  12. I

    Squeaky Door Handle

    The front passenger side door handle occasionally squeaks upon opening on my new Model 3. When I brought it up at the Tesla Service Center, the advisor said they can't address it since it wasn't making the noise at that time and told me he wasn't sure what they could do anyways. My appointment...
  13. C

    Model 3 Driver's Door - Help Identify Loose Part

    I went to open the driver's door on my 2019 Model 3 and as soon as I pressed the large part of the handle, I heard a part fall internally, inside the door. The door still appears to open and closes fine and the window operates fine. As I drove the car, I could hear the part sliding back and...
  14. T

    Door handle failure and error message

    Hi all, I'm in trouble. My model S door handle broke. I have already made a reservation for repair. It's a common failure, so I'm not worried too much, but I'm surprised that an error message came out. Moreover, this message came out two days after the door handle failure. Does anyone have...
  15. A

    Key fob or anything else?

    Hi. I´ve got a ms 2013. The car is no longer unlocking when I get close with the key fob. If I touch the door handle on the driver side, it will not unlock (or the back doors on any side), but if I touch the door handle on the left side it unlocks. Same with the trunk. It aslo unlocks normally...
  16. N

    Door Handle Microswitch Explanation

    Hi, this is my very first post! I own a ‘15 70D. My driver door handle would present but when pulled it would not open. I bought a kit online with upgraded micro switches which replaced the two switches that mounted to the handle. This fixed my issue and the door worked great. One day later the...
  17. Viridian

    HVAC Fan and Door Handle Issue

    Hey everyone! I purchased a used 2015 85kWh Model S with ~41K miles earlier this year direct from Tesla. I have loved every mile I have put on the car and even the trips to the service center have been relatively hassle-free in my experience. However, there is one issue that has plagued the car...
  18. zambono

    Refresh door handles...

    Just letting you all know that expect issues with your door handles even if you have the refreshed model S. Mine was one of the first delivered refreshed, June 2016 and I just had my driver handle replaced because it would not open the door and my passenger rear is starting to take half a...
  19. jkennebeck

    Door handles want to retract on first pull after parking

    So, just about every morning I park my 2015 S and get out of the drivers door. I have the settings so all 4 handles have presented. I reach for the presented driver rear handle and it tries to close on my hand. Is there something with the settings doing this? Wondering if anyone else has had...
  20. V

    Passenger door opens by itself

    Hello all, I got a used 2013 Tesla S P85 and while I definetly like the car there are a few things that border me a lot. When I approach the car with my key in the pocket the door handle comes out and at that moment the passenger door opens by itself - almost like the passenger door handle...
  21. GMan324

    Hand caught in closing door handle

    After having the door handle of my MS close automatically on my hand twice in the 7 months that I have owned the car, I started to wonder, "Is this a common issue?" It never hurt my hand and was easy to tap and reopen. This poll is just for fun, and in no way indicates a real problem, so...
  22. K

    Squeaky door handle

    Hello, Sorry if there's already a thread on this but I couldn't find one using the search. Has anyone experienced the squeaky door handle when opening the lever? It sounds like some metal piece is scraping the walls. Will lubing it be safe? Thanks!
  23. T

    Door handles and wrapped car

    First post here after 6 months of lurking... I am having some problems with the vinyl around the door handles, the wrapping comes of after a week (had it done twice) The wrapping is done by professionals. Is there anyone else with this problem? I live in a country with a cold climate.
  24. Knightowl

    Model S door handel failure

    Thought I would share this and did not find a thread for door handel failures on the model s. Ive been reading these forums for a year now and just never created an account till now - when I have an issue of significance wich adds credence to the fact one is much less likely to post when all...
  25. MarkS22

    The dreaded "door handle won't present."

    So, today, the annoying "handle won't present" struck my driver side rear passenger handle. It's a P85D with ~15,000 miles. I called service and they'll take care of it, but it's going to be over two weeks. Seems like a long time to wait for a 1-2 hour fix. Gotta say, it does concern me that...