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door latch unlatch

  1. S

    How can I open doors of Model S from outside with no power (and presumed 12v unavailable)?

    Hi, Other than breaking the driver's window, reaching in, and pulling the door handle, is there a way to open my 2020 Tesla Model S driver-side door(s) if you assume there is absolutely no power? (I.e., I suspect the 12 V battery is disconnected). Background: a Honda t-boned into my passenger...
  2. tmxninja

    Dreading warranty repair

    I have been putting off warranty repair. However, after the 3rd item appeared, I would like to take in my 2017 Model X. A) The driver door latch doesn't work unless I open with inside manual latch. The outside door press and LCD door open don't work anymore. I hear something trying to turn but...
  3. M

    Right Rear Door Won't Unlock from Outside

    A friend tried to open the rear door on the passenger side, and the door would not open, even though I was sitting in the driver's seat. I checked to make sure the child lock was not engaged; it was not. The door DID open when I walked around to it and opened it. Is there something I can do to...
  4. D

    Opening Door Issue

    I have a month old Model X 2019. Twice I've come back to my car and noticed the driver side door open. This morning when I parked it at a charging station the rear passenger side door opened. I closed it on my display, set for charging and left. I came back and the rear passenger side door...
  5. chadcristi

    Grab One Inside Handle, BOTH Front Doors Open on Model S!

    Here is one that I haven't seen before. Recently, when I stop my Model S after driving, put it in park and open the driver's side door using the inside handle, the FRONT PASSENGER side door opens too! The sound of the electric actuator can be heard as though somebody were grabbing the handle...
  6. rogerbohl

    Door handle glitch

    My driver-side rear door will not fully unlatch (lost of the time) when the front door is open more than a few inches. This occurs because a "sliding" sound (solenoid) that normally is heard from aft of the door (when the presented rear door handle is pulled) does not occur. This is not a...