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door lock

  1. G

    21014 Model S: Passenger Side doors do not unlock (while both driver-side doors to)

    So obviously, this is an older car - and it has seen is share of issues. The latest being that suddenly the passenger side doors (both front and back) have stopped unlocking from outside. I can open them fine from inside but door handles do not present themselves (if in) and if the door handles...
  2. J

    Where is the front door sensor located?

    Hi forum, My 2016 Model x 90D is having an issue with the drivers door. Latch won't open when the door handle is pushed from the outside nor easy grab on the inside. Does open when retracted all the way back, but then again opening motor is not moving the door. Latch will close the door fully...
  3. adayley

    Door lock covers a thing?

    It wasn't until I entered the Tesla world that I ever heard of door lock covers. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YZ3W2F3 Is this really a thing that is needed for protection? Or are they more about the look of the door opening?
  4. N

    Walk-away lock doesn't work if u open door w/foot on the brake

    I have an iPhone 8, and I almost never have a problem unlocking my Model 3 w/iPhone. However, occasionally, I see that my car doesn't lock when I walk away from the car after parking. I couldn't figure out why that was happening, but I think I figured it out. After parking the car, if I open...
  5. E

    Door Locking?

    I've looked through the owners manual and also searched the threads in this forum but can not find any explanation of why my vehicle would be operating the way it does. So here is the deal.... We keep our car inside our garage and would like to be be able to enter the vehicle from inside the...