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door locks

  1. K

    Mysterious Model 3 Unlocking

    Infrequently and unbidden, my 2021 Model 3 is found unlocked in the morning, occasionally with one or more windows partially open. Any ideas?
  2. C

    Auto lock doesn’t

    Dear Ones, We are brand new to our Model 3 and love it. But since V10 uploaded last week, the automatic door locks don’t work any longer. I have to lock the car using my phone. How archaic! Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a setting that I’m missing? Thanks! Douglas Cochrane Olympia, WA
  3. David29

    Ice strikes again (door handles and frameless windows)

    I thought I had learned how to manage the Model S door handles in cold weather during the past two winters. But today I experienced a new wrinkle in this challenge. We had snow, then rain yesterday, followed by a freeze last night. I cleaned the snow off the car late in the afternoon, hoping...
  4. David29

    Does Door Unlock Mode/Driver Only always work?

    I noticed something about my Model S’s door locks a few days ago, that might be a defect, or might be a software glitch. Tesla told me to bring it in but before I do, I’d like to see if there is really something wrong with my car, or if other people have the same experience. I decided to try...