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door panel

  1. T

    My DIY Refreshed Door Panel Retrofit

    What an amazing upgrade. By far the best interior modification I’ve done to my Model Y. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Install Video
  2. C

    Selling Model 3 Interior Door Panel (Black)

    Selling my rear passenger door panel. Asking for $230 - half the price Tesla charges for a new one. Why am I selling it and why half the price? If you look closely at the 5th picture, you'll see the small cosmetic dents on the plastic strip that my puppy has caused with his claw. My...
  3. M

    Swapping out door panels

    Has anyone here ever swapped out their door panels? I'm wondering how easy/difficult this might be. I'm awaiting delivery of my MSM LR with white interior and I like everything about the white except for the white door panels. I wish there was an option to choose the black alcantara door...
  4. C

    Looking for right rear passenger door panel for Model X P100D

    Wow, these are tough to find. Anybody got a spare P100D gull wing passenger side door panel in white handy?
  5. Glamisduner

    Door Panel Rattle Solutions?

    So when I first got my P3 they had to repaint a door that someone had closed something in it which chipped the paint on the driver and passengers doors that sticks out the most between the doors, and scratched the paint on the inside of the body when you open the door. After the body shop and...
  6. JohnGarziglia

    Need Info on Roadster Door Panel Removal

    I would like to remove the inside door panels on my 2.5 to install sound deadening. Do I just use a panel separator and the panel is held on by clips or are there hidden screws or other fasteners? Should I buy new clips in advance because some will break? Any description of how to remove the...