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door sill plate


    Vendor The Newest Protective Solutions for Tesla Model Y - Door Sill Protectors/Mud Flaps/Anti Kick Pads/2nd-Row Seat Back Cover/Floor Mats

    Lasfit has been focusing on developing custom products for specific vehicle models, and we offer a variety of protective products that are specifically designed for Tesla vehicles. In this thread, we would like to introduce these protective products for your Tesla Model Y. All-Weather Floor...
  2. storii

    2023 m3 black door sill

    Hey guys I picked up my 2023 m3 end of January. And can I just peel this off?
  3. B

    Missing door sill plate! What else might be missing?

    Took delivery 1 week ago...just realized I have no drivers side door sill plate! Makes me wonder what else might be missing? Maybe there should be a sticky thread checklist of what to look for at delivery? Anyone else missing door sill plate? Did they provide one? Anything else found missing?
  4. S

    If doing PPF, don't forget your door sill plates.

    One area we forgot to ask about when we initially had our MS wrapped was the Model S door sills. When we went back for a film check that next week we had them add it to our car. Plan to do the plates for our Model 3. Thought I'd throw it out there for anyone getting ready to take their car in...