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down payment

  1. T

    Canceling model y after putting down payment?

    due to some unforeseen circumstances, I might have to cancel my model y. I already put down the down payment but didn't accept delivery of the car yet. Can I cancel and get my down payment money back since I didn't accept delivery? I am not talking about the $250 fee but the actual down payment...
  2. RodolfoMattei

    Down payment tesla x plaid

    There is a minimum of down payment to get approved for tesla x plaid ? I'm asking that because I've order the tesla plaid and my delivery date will be March 17. I need to apply this Monday March 14. If I choose 2k usd monthly payment, I have to pay at the deliver around 12.5k usd (included tax...
  3. O

    [Massachusetts, USA] Payment timing?

    So, delivery for my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD is scheduled for next Saturday. I haven't handed in the insurance info that shows the Tesla as already registered, nor the down payment(I am financing through Tesla's partners). I see that some people wait until actually seeing the car, but I wasn't sure...
  4. B

    Money Needed at Signing

    Hello all! Will be a Tesla Model 3 owner here in the next few months. I am going to be financing a LR AWD version. I am trying to understand all the money that is needed from me at signing. I am looking to put 10% down and finance the rest. From what Ive been reading, I will need the down...
  5. Y

    Who's the recipient of downpayment?

    I'm working on financing from Credit Union, so who should I pay down payment to? Tesla or Credit Union?
  6. mwu

    Changing down payment

    Down payment in the loan application is selected as a percentage, but I was bone-headed and forgot that I had already put down when reserving and ordering the car, so the down payment is calculated as the amount of the car minus $3,500 times the percentage selected. As a result, the down payment...