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  1. oaito

    When changing the emmc, would a f/w downgrade possible?

    Hi! Wondering whether a f/w downgrade would be possible during a change of the emmc... E.g.solving four issues in one go (dying of MCU storage, increasing airflow for cooling the MCU, going back to old cell voltage and charging rates @ my S85). What do you think? Oaito.
  2. Minecon_CA

    Can the "Fusée Gelée" exploit be used to downgrade software?

    Can the "Fusée Gelée" exploit be used to downgrade software? This exploit can let you downgrade and upgrade software on a Nintendo Switch, can this be used on a Tesla? I would love to go back to version 8.
  3. MarkS22

    8.0 Firmware (2.40.21) Just Downgraded To 7.1 (2.36.31)

    So, today, the car was in the Service Center. While there, they upgraded it to 8.0 (2.40.21) from 8.0 (2.36.108). Earlier tonight, I got a notification that an upgrade was available. So, I set it to upgrade... ...and now it's on 7.1 (2.36.31)! Has anyone heard of anything like this happening...
  4. sgblank

    When Features Disappear

    In the last year over the air upgrades have made the Model S a much better product then the one we originally bought. However, the 5.8 unilateral downgrade of air suspension is a troubling harbinger of the potential of downgrades. There doesn't seem to be a Tesla corporate obligation that...