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drag racing

  1. M

    Hankook iON EVO AS acceleration testing

    I had to switch to all season tires recently. I decided to get the Hankook iON EVO AS tires because they offer great tread life, exceptional efficiency, and they are cheap. However, I was expecting a severe hit to acceleration because everyone kept telling me that all season tires have terrible...
  2. J

    I'm just going to leave this right here...

    FIrst ever pass in the Plaid. Thursday Night Thunder, Irwindale Dragstrip. Crushed the Mustang in the right lane. Drag Strip mode engaged, Peak Performance Ready.
  3. J

    Launch control at drag strip tree

    So at the drag strip, the tree has the first stage, then the second stage. I was wondering how people are able to use launch control at drag strips, because whenever i set off the first stage, i put it into launch mode, then I have to roll up about a foot to set off the second stage, but it will...
  4. MichaelP90DL

    Tips on drag racing your Model S Plaid...on the track.

    For those who have not yet experienced what it’s like to be on a drag strip with your MS Plaid, this post is for you. Most big US drag strips operate under rules of the National Hot Rod Association, which is fine unless you drive a really quick, unmodified (stock) electric car. The Plaid can...
  5. skylarracing

    Taller Diameter Wheel or Smaller Diameter Wheel?

    Without overcomplicating this thread, I've heard Tesla's "like" a taller diameter wheel, they would rather a 20" or 19" then a 18" or 17". I know with regular ICE vehicles the size of the wheel can affect gearing, since we don't have gears how does it work for us? To set the line I use my Tesla...
  6. MichaelP90DL

    So I went drag racing with White Fang. I need help with a setting.

    The problem with a really smart car is it can sabotage you. OK here's what happened at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond, CA, last night: Race 1: Against a Model 3 Performance. I had him off the line and was pulling away. Suddenly the car slowed. It caught me by surprise. I...
  7. phantasms

    What are the NHRA rules for a stock Tesla under 11.49???

    I'm heading to the track tomorrow for some drag racing. I'll be bringing a Model 3 Performance to the game. I know that the track, Cecil County Dragway, is very strict on NHRA rules. I even got kicked out in 2006 for going too fast in my stock Z06 without a cage going 11.24 at 127. I figure this...
  8. beastmode13

    Track, AutoX, Time Trial, Drag Racing

    Trackies, I know you are out there. Please show your support for our dedicated subforum. @MountainPass @UnpluggedP @EVTuning, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to sponsor a subforum. ;)
  9. Mayhem

    Model 3P-D 0-60 prediction?

    Just a fun poll to judge 0-60 predictions. I myself would like to see a actual measured (e.g. VBOX) 2.9 - 3.1 sec, with advertised 3.3 - 3.5 sec. (Tesla always almost always underpromises on 0-60).