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  1. Hitman007

    Tesla stock falls 7%

    stock falls 7% today on worse than expected loss. GOP tax plan may eliminate EV tax credit raising the effective price by $7500. wow! The news goes from bad to worse.
  2. Hitman007

    Model X Sold and Learned from it!

    So I sold my Model X to order a Model S P100D. The speed of the S was my motivation. I decided to wait until the end of the year before ordering to see what new options may be available. In the meantime the guy who bought my X was hit after only 1 week of ownership by someone who smashed the...
  3. SocalMS

    Model S 2017 - Behind Back Seat Open Panels - Quality Fail

    If you fold down the back seats, you can see carpet panels above where the wheels are.. I notice that basically every Model S has these panels that seem to have "manufacturer issues". They are open or have a huge gap... and you see inside into the electrical. Most Tesla salesman are...
  4. B


    Does anyone else who order a tesla with hw2 feel lied to? The autopilot is disabled, the current release seems to be a beta version which doesn't come close to original autopilot, the automatic wipers don't even work. Parity with original auto pilot was promised mid December. This car is over...
  5. wk057

    Tesla Motors: PLEASE stop lying about specifications (60 to 75 upgrade)

    Dear Tesla Motors, Over the past couple of years I've called Tesla out several times for misleading or flat out falsely advertised specs. The 691 "HP" issue, the 285 miles of range on a P85D, the 81 kWh 85's, etc. Well, adding another one to the pile: Upgrading a software limited "60" to a...
  6. tonybelding

    Roadster shopping: sturm und drang

    As a few of you old-timers may remember waaay back, I was active here in the early days of this forum and was on the waiting list for the Roadster when it was still in development. After many delays, much sturm und drang (or "drama" as we euphemistically call it nowadays), and 18 months of...