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  1. P

    Is it possible to drift a Tesla Model 3 on a track better than a 350z?

    Just wondering to see what you guys will vote on.
  2. MountainPass

    Vendor Winter Party Time On A Snow Covered Racetrack

    Thought you all might enjoy this. The Y is super fun. The best part is we have a trailer hooked up today and we're towing a couple thousand pounds with it. So from summer Porsche beating track weapon to winter off-road party, to utility trailer hauler - this thing is so versitile! For those of...
  3. BuggDDS

    Drifting wheels/tires??

    Now that I have Track Mode v2 what are some good (and inexpensive!) wheels (sizes) and tires to roast for some awesome drifting?
  4. selfbp

    How to turn off Traction Control on a Model S

    Disclaimer: Instructions only. If you do this and mess something up, I am not responsible. If you hurt someone because you were irresponsible, I am not responsible. If you don't understand how your vehicle acts when these systems are off, I am not responsible. Use your brain when doing this...
  5. E

    Model 3 AWD Doughnuts! Non Performance!

    Hey guys I just did the "impossible". I did full spinning doughnuts in my Tesla Model 3 AWD that is NON PERFORMANCE! check it out :)
  6. S

    How do you drift in snow with your Model 3?

    I know the model 3 performance has a Track mode, which can be used on track, or to be able to drift when roads are covered in snow. I live in Quebec and I drive a model 3 LR Dual motor and drifting in this car is really not smooth and doesn't work well at all. I was wondering if you had found...
  7. T

    Model X offroad capability

    Do you also think that the Model X is ideal for the field? :cool:
  8. B

    What other vehicles do you have in your garage?

    It didn't take long to notice that a lot of Tesla owners have owned and/or currently own some pretty cool cars. I've personally owned some really fun 4x4's, old Japanese sports cars, and a few bikes. :smile: Here a couple of them! What else is lurking in your garage?? :wink: