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drive unit

  1. T

    Model S Rooted v11.0 2022.8.10.5 drive unit replacement problems

    This is my first post, doing this as a way to hopefully find a solution and help others who may be in a similar situation. I bought a 2012 Model S, rooted to v11.0 2022.8.10.5, with a failed drive unit (coolant flooded). I have replaced the drive unit with a working replacement (from a 2018...
  2. F

    Looking to use someones toolbox 3 at the beginning of the year

    Anybody sharing there toolbox 3 for $50? I should only need it for a day but im not sure if it will even work since im running a MCU1 on the latest firmware which i see others have issues with connecting. Its a 2014 model s 85 and i need to reset the contactor codes along with recode a used...
  3. S

    Issues with Model 3 Drive Unit?

    So, I recently came across this video by MotorBiscuit explaining common issues with the early-model Tesla large drive units. In the video, he explains the motors with the common issue of leaking coolant inside, causing catastrophic failures, were present in the RWD or Performance Model S and X...
  4. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from your...
  5. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from your...
  6. Amber EV

    Vendor AmberCare Extended Warranty Early Access period live in FL, NJ, PA, OH, RI, MI, TN

    Tesla Motors Club members, today we’re thrilled to announce that AmberCare is now available for Early Access. Our extended warranty is tailored with a modern approach, built by Tesla owners and industry experts for the Tesla community. Our High Voltage Protection plan covers everything from...
  7. K

    Model s 70 compared to 75 0-60

    I've been looking around at model s 0-60 times ,specifically the jump from the 70kwh RWD battery cars to the 75kwh RWD battery cars. The drivetrains are identical with a large rear drive unit but the 0-60 times are 1.3 seconds apart. Why is this? Are 2 more modules active in the 75kwh for more...
  8. B

    Model S 2014 85 - Drive unit failure?

    Hello everyone! i got a question! Today while riding on gravel road (very bumpy) the gear indicators turned red "PRND" after few accelerator clicks the power came back. after two mins same happened and after few times accelerator press - car came back to life again. and drove 30km back home with...
  9. T

    How to calibrate Model S 2014, Drive Unit?

    I have replaced drive unit from another damaged car and looking for help to calibrate this drive unit with different VIN, Any suggestions by experts? I appreciate your help ; )
  10. C

    2nd drive unit failing at 60k miles

    MS60 2013. Surprised that the DU installed at 40k failed at 60k miles. Is this a common failure?
  11. T

    Old Model S + Original Drive Unit = Good Buy

    Hello, I’ve seen this question a few times but I couldn’t find a direct answer with it at all. I have a newer model 3 but my brother is looking at a used 2013 Model S 60 for about $24k. New HV battery in 2019 but original drive unit with 109k miles. The current owner has had the car 5 years...
  12. brico84

    Out of warranty motor noise - advice needed

    I have a 2017 RWD S75 and recently noticed there is a fairly loud whirring noise when driving the car at low speed. Whether this is 2pmh or 20mph, it is there until about 25mph. I never noticed it until recently. That could be because it just started happening recently, or because I usually...
  13. Sanderpman12

    Drive unit out of warranty?

    Hey all i have a 2013 model s p85. It recently started making the milling noise but its not that bad. I called the service center because i thought i had warranty because my car is only 72k miles. They said my warranty ran out. What do i do now? I do not want to pay out of pocket for this issue
  14. Pobby

    Model 3 VIN Motor/Drive Unit

    In July I was allocated a LR M3 with a VIN starting with LRW3F7EB but I deferred delivery until Sep, so this vehicle was de-allocated. I have now been allocated a new vehicle with a VIN LRW3F7EK. I have not been able to find any details as to what the difference is between the B and K...
  15. Vegas

    So no real warranty for drive failure?

    I previously had shuddering under hard acceleration in the front of the 2015 MS (P90DL/ 147, 000 klms) and the front drive was replaced. Now it has occurred again, at 147K klms. However, I'm now informed by Tesla Service (Brisbane Australia) that drive line warranty only covers, "the high...
  16. D

    2013 Model S DU replacement. Extra charges

    Hello, recently purchased a 2013 Model S 85. The car has a clean title and still under warranty. After purchasing I started to notice the quite common milling noise caused by a faulty drive unit. After taking it to the service center they plan on replacing the drive unit under warranty...
  17. J

    Leak on Drive Unit?

    So the amazing guys at Unplugged Performance in Hawthorne, CA installed some moderate lowering springs a couple weeks ago on my M3LR. They mentioned they saw some dirt buildup of what looked like a leak from the front drive unit and that I should get Tesla service to take a look. Well, I did...
  18. P

    Replacement Drive Unit fluid (atf-9?)

    The model 3 service guide calls the drive unit fluid "ATF-9". This does not appear to be a commercially available product. The exact description of the fluid is "ATF-9. SK Lubricant 422313 (part number 1135241-00-A)" Does anyone have any idea what fluid can be used in the drivetrain, or how to...
  19. T

    Tesla model S 2013 for part out 26 june 2019

    I am parting out a black model S RWD 2013 85 KW. The car have small damage in front passenger side. No structural damages. The windshield ( pre auto pilot ), the hood and all the airbags are good. I will be a great match for someone who is repairing a model S that have damage in the driver side...
  20. A

    Looking For Sport Rear Motor & Inverter Subassemblies

    I can get good drive unit assemblies in lots of places, and in fact, they've fallen precipitously in price the past year or so. But, I'd prefer to give a good home to a MS or MX PERFORMANCE ("Sport") rear drive unit, or the subassemblies, where the diff or gearcase got trashed in a side hit...
  21. Tony_YYZ

    High pitched noise from drive unit

    Have any of you ever experienced or read about a high pitched noise coming from the rear drive unit while driving? I can best describe it as a high pitched electrical noise that oscillates up and down as you adjust the power pedal. It's not incredibly loud in volume but it is very annoying to...
  22. S

    Tesla battery modules/ drive units for sale

    Tesla battery modules from low mileage 85KWH pack. Over 30 availabe, full packs available as well for 17k shipped in the US. All packs are shipped disassembled into modules. Individual modules are 1250 shipped in the US, international shipping available for more. I also have recent revision...
  23. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S OEM Front Drive Unit 3.0 # 1035000-00-F

    I have another FDU available from a 2016 90D $3000.00. I do consider reasonable offers Please message me with any questions. Thanks Tesla Model S (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Front Drive Unit 3.0 1035000-00-F | eBay
  24. super20g

    Service manager statement: P3D has a different drive unit than 3D

    Apologies if this has already been covered but I hadn't seen mention of confirmation from Tesla management prior. I was talking to the service manager at the Indianapolis service center earlier about how customers are receiving 3D's at times with matching 3D monroney labels when they ordered...
  25. AutobahnEV

    Tesla Model S Model X Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit (w/ harness, subframe)

    I have a rear drive unit that just came out of a 2016 Model X w/ 5800 miles $5300, will accept reasonable offers Subframe and harness included Tesla Model S X (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit 3.0 # 1037000-00-F | eBay
  26. N

    Model 3: Breakdowns

    Definitely not a hater thread, just for information. 2018 Model 3 LR EAP FSD Premium, 19" rims etc...all available options at the time, $60500 VIN 012XXX Manufactured March 2018 Delivery 7/3/18 Marina Del Rey, CA 8 Miles on pick-up Drove a total of 61 miles during the day to reach 69 on the...
  27. AutobahnEV

    2017 90D Rear Drive Unit 3.0 Part # 1037000-00-F (16k miles!)

    I have the rear motor out of the same 2017 90D w/ only 16k miles Spins strong. Ready to go $6500. Reasonable offers considered. Tesla Model S (2012-2017) OEM Dual Motor Rear Drive Unit 3.0 Part # 1037000-00-F | eBay
  28. ModelNforNerd

    2014 S85 getting new drive unit

    So in the recent cold snap in New England, I blew a hose in the DU's coolant loop, leaking coolant into the DU and requiring it to be replaced. My question: How will this new DU compare to the original? Will it improve speed and/or efficiency? Is it going to be the same non-Performance DU...
  29. E

    Battery, Front and Rear Drive Unit and other parts from 2016 Tesla Model S 70D for sale

    70kWh battery Rear Drive Unit 1037000-00-F Front Drive Unit 1035000-00-F A/C compressor Steering Gear, Rack and Pinion GJ32-3504-BA Axles (front and rear) 48A 2nd gen charger 1014963-00-L Cooling Fan with Condenser Assembly (Left and Right) 6007352-00-B 6008357-00-F Right Fender (black...
  30. Mysterylectric

    2013 P85 transmission service

    So I recently did the fluid service in my 2013 P85. Service was done with about 18.5k miles on the replaced drive unit. The service itself was very straightforward, and I have the video linked below. However, after having the fluid analyzed by Blackstone labs, the iron content in the fluid is...
  31. E

    Drive Unit Replacement

    Question: I'll get a new DU for my 2014 P85+ in a couple of weeks. Which components will this encompass? Engine, inverter obviously... anything else? Based on experiences in this group will it be most likely one of the "next generation" with higher durability? Anything to watch out for...
  32. D

    75K miles and counting

    I bought my Model S P85+ Tesla in October 2013. It's been almost 4 years of happiness with my car. Amazingly after 75K miles it's just like new inside and out, except for for the regular dents of normal use. Battery degradation? When the car was new the battery charged to a max daily use of...
  33. jerjozwik

    burbank service center, post of appreciation.

    so here i am, sitting on a traffic controlled on-ramp, about to do my normal pop up to speed that p90d owners are accustom to. only today will be different, mere seconds after i activated the accelerator i received the achievement; "drive unit needs service, avoid hard acceleration." i think...
  34. Krash

    Quarter End Purchasing Advice

    I thought I would add my experience to the collective knowledge. I put a deposit on an S 60D right before the announced discontinuation. During the window to change configurations Tesla announced the price change on the 75D and the included glass roof. But they also discontinued the Air...
  35. A

    A few things to know about buying a USED Model S...

    I am awaiting delivery of my used 2013 Model S from Tesla! Here are a few things I learned in the buying process: Where to buy: If you buy used directly from Tesla, you get a 4 year/48k bumper to bumper warranty, and the prices seem competitive with other sellers. There are some available...
  36. Erleichda

    Clunks, Drones and Milling sounds: Just had a drive unit fail

    Our 2013 P85 with 31k miles just had the drive unit fail. We had experienced the "clunk" when lifting off acceleration before regen started; our SC was contacted and a 'fix' employed that took care of it. We were not informed of what the fix was. The "droning" at speed >60 began to get more...
  37. mspohr

    Drive unit replacement - getting better?

    Recently Elon stated they were working towards a million mile drive train. This is a worthy goal and I personally would like to see them succeed (although I probably won't live long enough to drive my car a million miles). We know that Tesla had some problems with drive trains (inadequate...
  38. Ben W

    Drive Unit Failed - Dashcam video

    So the drive unit on my Model S P85 Sig P00061 just failed, slightly shy of 30k miles, stranding me off the freeway in the middle of the night... I caught the whole thing on dashcam, in case anyone is curious what the symptoms are. It may have been triggered by the strong regen going down the...
  39. S

    Drive Unit failure symptoms and thresholds for replacement

    As of April, 2015, what are the current official drive unit failure symptoms that one would experience prior to a drive unit failure? And what are the detection methods Tesla currently uses to define drive unit failure or predict drive unit failure? I'm asking for updated clarification since in...