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driver display

  1. F

    Just got this little display installed, what do you think?

    Finally found some time to get this little dash display installed. I love how it doesn't block the vent, but still big enough to display some important info on it. Let me know what do you think? or any questions/suggestions?
  2. M

    Model S Refreshed driver's side display brightness

    Just took delivery of 2022 Model S Refreshed LR, previously drove a Model 3 for three years. The Model S adds a separate driver's side visualization display. My question is: Is there any way to adjust the brightness of that display? Is there any way to flip it from night-mode to day-mode? The...
  3. ngng

    Android Auto with TeslAA

    While it isn't perfect, I'm impressed with how far the developer was able to take it. For $5, I'm more than happy to support the continued development. The app uses your phone to encode the video output and stream it over a local VPN. The browser is as responsive, if not more responsive than...
  4. Jason71

    TESLAA - Android Auto for Tesla App

    A new app has been released in beta for Android which allows Android Auto to work on a Tesla. It is a bit buggy by all accounts but it seems to work. To get it to work you have to download the app and give it a bunch of scary permissions. I could not find it on a search of the play store but...
  5. B

    Driver Display stays on

    Has anyone noticed this issue? When the car is charging and I walk away the car locks but the driver display stays on showing the charging screen. If I lock with the key fob the driver display turns off. When the car is not charging and I walk away the car locks and the driver display turns off.