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driver seat

  1. Z

    Driver's seat heating not working

    Did anyone experience issue with driver's (passenger's) seat heating? Everything seems to work normal on a display but the seat part of driver's seat which is not heating. Interestingly, the back part of the seat works and heats correctly. Could it be a fault cable or loose connector under...
  2. S

    Searching for S90D FL used driver seat second Generation

    Hi, I am looking for a used Driver seat for an S90D FL from 2017. I checked the Internet sources like ebay, etc. but to find a used Driver Seat Generation 2 is really difficult. Why? May be there are some dealer outside which have a seat from a crash etc. and these are in a good state. My...
  3. B

    Maximize Access Height

    I’m tall and find access to the driver’s seat difficult. How can I maximize ingress and egress height?
  4. boardworks

    Replacement Drivers Seat

    Hi folks – just wanted to share a quick report on a fix to an issue I've been facing with my MX driver seat since delivery (finally)! When I took delivery of the vehicle back in March 2016, I noticed a slight "wiggle" in the driver seat. It felt as if the seat would rock back-and-forth when in...
  5. G

    Front Seat Disassembly

    Has anyone taken off the back plastic shell from the front seats? I am wondering if there is a clever way to clip or attach a jacket hanger. I am thinking one of the traditional hangers that attaches to the headrest posts could be modified to clip in between the plastic and leather seam...