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  1. A

    When Do I Give up on my 90,000km 2013 Model S?

    My Model S ran amazingly and needed minimal service for the first 8 years. It's low mileage but had been in 2 major accidents and still drove really well after these incidents. Ironically, after my warranty completely expired last year, it's been nothing but trouble. I had the suspension...
  2. B

    2021 Model S (LR) - Real world driving range

    I recently purchased a 2021 (refreshed model) model s LR, tempest wheels. the vehicle is rated at 405 miles, but i cannot get anywhere close to that range. At best i am squeezing 60% of the range ( IE. charged to 324 miles(80%), driven down to 81 miles (20%) = in theory i should of driven...
  3. C

    2017 Model S Milling Noise [Resolved]

    My 2017 model S (40k miles) recently started making the dreaded "milling noise". I took it into the service center (Las Vegas) where the technician quickly diagnosed the issue and said I needed a new drivetrain. The next day I received the following message: "We had our technician complete...
  4. A

    Different types of "electric" vehicles

    I've been dealing with confusion of different types of "electrified" vehicles for years now. Some "clever" manufacturers have even used misleading terms to sell their fossil fuel powered vehicles as electric ones. I did my best to make one comprehensive list (though I had to remove some...
  5. S

    Intermittent Drivetrain Noise

    During a recent 1,000 mile trip, I noticed my Model S 60D would make a faint noise under acceleration from the front of the car that sounded a little like a diesel engine. Often times, it would be masked by tire or wind noise. The more I pushed the accelerator, the louder the noise would...
  6. IGotEastBay

    Loud Noise Coming From Back

    Hi all, My 2017 MS 75D is a little bit short of 2 weeks since pick up. A few days ago I was driving on the freeway and then back through town and noticed a loud noise coming from the back. Was tough to hear at first because I had music on, but when the volume lowered for the nav after the...
  7. mdavis

    Error 903?

    [I couldn't find an error decoder on the Internet] Car is a Sport 2.0 Charges fine Put it in gear (F or R) and it doesn't engage, no creep, followed by error code 903 and "start in a safe location". At one point the motor would stutter briefly (a little disturbing) before throwing the error...
  8. Ben W

    Drive Unit Failed - Dashcam video

    So the drive unit on my Model S P85 Sig P00061 just failed, slightly shy of 30k miles, stranding me off the freeway in the middle of the night... I caught the whole thing on dashcam, in case anyone is curious what the symptoms are. It may have been triggered by the strong regen going down the...
  9. M

    Low Speed, High Pitch Whine

    Our 2013 S85 has a high pitch whine at low speeds whenever the accelerator is depressed. The sound fades as the speed increases, but it annoyingly announces my arrival every day at work and later when I arrive home. So much for Tesla's silence. Several months ago the Scottsdale Service Center...
  10. dauger

    Tesla Makes Good on Drive Unit Warranty

    About a second into hard acceleration from a start from a freeway on-ramp limit light (I was trying to beat a BMW 3-series), a loud "BANG" came from what seems like the drive unit part of the car, then the car coasted to a stop while I could still make the motor whirr (I could hear it) using the...
  11. davecolene0606

    200k Powertrain Warranty

    Hey everyone, As I am nearing the end of my initial warranty period due to miles, I began thinking about the MS Powertrain and it's utter simplicity in terms of moving parts and lack of items to service. As we have seen here stuff like the main bearings have to be re packed with graphite @...
  12. chrisdl

    Motor-battery combo performance differences S60, S85, and P85

    Drivetrain-battery combo performance differences S60, S85, and P85 On the official Tesla Motors forum there was a thread where someone asked where the difference in performance between de S60, S85, and P85 came from. Well, I did some digging and found some answers. I thought these answers where...