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driving dyamics

  1. P

    It feels like my TM3 LR is “skipping the beat” when acceleration pedal pressed

    I have noticed this weird thing few days back. I have TM3 LR 2023 (not refresh) and when driving in range 40-80 kmph it feels like sometimes the car will very slightly slows down (I feel the force pushing me forward), like if I would just for a half second put down the foot from the pedal. I was...
  2. J

    MY efficiency at 5700 miles

    We lose a lot of efficiency living on a hill but otherwise seem to be hitting the EPA range and more. Anyone else have similar experience?
  3. S

    Steering wheel shake when changing lanes

    2022 M3P From day 1, I've noticed a majority of time when I go to change lanes, my steering wheel shakes. This is at any speed, city street or highway. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what the resolve is/was?
  4. D

    Poll: Stalks; or haptic wheel buttons and on screen ‘shifting’

    Regarding the new Model S controls, do you… • Prefer stationary, physical primary controls in industry standard positions or… • haptic buttons on yoke (or wheel); ‘shifting’ on touch screen; horn ‘button’ on yoke spoke?
  5. N

    Model Y comparable to Model 3 (Driving experience)

    Today I drove both model Y and model 3 to check the driving experience. Model 3 feels towards the ground and steering is amazing and turns are very clean and I could really feel the car in ground. On the other hand, model Y doesn't seem to be that much towards the ground, but comfort was the...
  6. W

    Is there a fix for the TACC/Autopilot surging?

    I got my car last week and was really looking forward to TACC and trying Autopilot. My issue is when there is an actual car in front, the car is very jerky. I can see the car on and off the throttle to try and maintain distance (I assume within a razor thin window?) or the delay in which it is...
  7. Missile Toad

    Pushing it S 70D

    So, I'm noticing that Wh/mi is improved on side streets versus highway driving at 75-80 MPH. Having done that, I ran five trials on EVTripPlanner.com to see what the Wh/mi in a hypothetical drive, via mostly side streets, to cover a final 5 miles to some superchargers. My info averages to 215...
  8. patrick42h

    Model X trailer mode

    I just wanted to float an idea that I had for the Model X. It seems likely that Tesla will officially support towing with the Model X, but not with the Model S. Given that, what do you think about a "trailer mode" to be used when pulling a trailer? I started thinking about this when I learned...