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  1. Ostrichsak

    This Latest Attempt to Force FSD Upon Everyone is Hurting the FSD Cause More Than Helping

    Warning: long detailed post ahead so get comfy if you choose to read it. I broke it up a little bit for those who want to read certain aspects. ► Overview: This may be an unpopular opinion in this pro-Tesla community with many members to whom Tesla can do no wrong. I know that Tesla wants to...
  2. P

    It feels like my TM3 LR is “skipping the beat” when acceleration pedal pressed

    I have noticed this weird thing few days back. I have TM3 LR 2023 (not refresh) and when driving in range 40-80 kmph it feels like sometimes the car will very slightly slows down (I feel the force pushing me forward), like if I would just for a half second put down the foot from the pedal. I was...
  3. C

    Brake Shuddering

    ‘17 MS 100D with front brake shuddering. The front pads were replaced last year before I bought it. I have put about 10k miles on it and they are shuddering again. I would think if the rotors were warped the charging of the pads would not have solved the initial issue. Anyone else have the same...
  4. A

    I have

    i Have a 2013 Tesla Model S my tire size is 245/45/19 . I am looking to add some new rims and tires on my car. Do you know which tires and rims can fit on my car? I heard that 21 inch rims can fit.
  5. D

    Model 3 turn signal inconsistency - pain

    Do you all - other M3 owners - have the same weird inconsistent behavior with your turn signal indicator, or is it just a fault of my car? Scenario: 1) you indicate a RIGHT turn (knob fully up), you turn right but you need to turn LEFT immediately after your left turn 2) so immediately after...
  6. WhtLighting21

    Tire Noise

    Hi All... I am hoping y'all can help me out...I have a 2021 Y with a little under 10K miles. I was in the drive through at Starbucks and noticed a noise when I had my driver side window down, when I started moving...it sounded like tiny pebbles. As soon as I got home, I had a friend take a...
  7. EVxdream

    Driving Visualization temporarily degraded

    (1st thread post, apologies if this may get posted anywhere but where its supposed to) Long story short, today, my car decided to tell me off by saying "driving visualization temporarily degraded" - but may resume functionality after restart etc etc etc. this was 10 mins in after driving from...
  8. E

    Vehicle pulls right at low speed

    Our 2017 100D Model X suddenly started wobbling at low speeds and pulling really hard to the right. As the speed increases, the need to fight the pull lessens, but never quite goes away. Here’s a video of the issue: Any ideas what might be causing the issue? I turned off lane assist. We...
  9. N

    Model Y comparable to Model 3 (Driving experience)

    Today I drove both model Y and model 3 to check the driving experience. Model 3 feels towards the ground and steering is amazing and turns are very clean and I could really feel the car in ground. On the other hand, model Y doesn't seem to be that much towards the ground, but comfort was the...
  10. B

    Interior, exterior and driving experience within spec??

    Hi everybody. Hope everybody is safe and sound. I recently picked up a Model Y. Was told that the fit and finish is within spec by the sales associate. What do you guys think? In addition to the fit and finish, the two biggest concerns I have are cabin noise and driving experience. 1. Can hear...
  11. X

    Driving position, steering wheel adjustment for tall people

    Got delivery of a Model 3 four days ago. This car replaced my Model S 75D. One thing I noticed (that I probably missed during test drive) is how limited the movement of the steering wheel is when is adjusted. I am 6’ 2” tall and in general I have to move the driver seat almost all the way back...
  12. A

    In the snow and the cold.

    I live in Maine. First, I wish there was a dealership here in my state. Second, I want to order one, but wonder about any tests that have been done on the cold weather conditions in my state. How might it handle in the snow and ice? How well is the weight balanced? If the rear end is very...
  13. X

    I am becoming a dangerous driver

    With AutoPilot, and especially with Navigate on AutoPilot, I find my self looking more and more on the dashboard and the center screen than on the road: 1) With Navigate on Autopilot, I find my self looking a lot on the dashboard screen and waiting for a signal to confirm lane change. As far as...
  14. mwu

    A delivery story in NC

    In 2003 after getting my first job after college, I purchased my first new car. It was a VW Jetta. That was my first and only experience purchasing a car for myself until today. I have wanted a Tesla since ~2011 and I purchased stock that year. I put down a reservation for a Model S, but...
  15. Kenriko

    Tesla Model 3 Review | Part One | Driving Performance

    TLDW 1) Yes! 20in Turbines 2) 5.1s 0-60 is conservative, lighter wheels and better tires can improve this. 3) The stock all-season tires perform as you would expect from all-season tires. Understeer bias. UHP tires are an improvement for warm weather driving and balance the performance of the...
  16. buttershrimp

    What is your favorite roads/highway to drive in your Tesla?

    Very curious to hear what your best road/highway to drive? Mine is pretty easy so far... Texas SH-130 - High speed autopilot heaven.
  17. fasteddie7

    Noticed something odd with autopilot

    Over the past two days I've noticed that twice now my vehicle automatically adjusted speed with the speed limit. I know that it always reduces speed when the speed limit changes but twice now while driving into a higher speed limit Zone the vehicle sped up. It's only happened twice and I can't...
  18. C

    Creep Mode.. drifting backwards...a third option needed?

    I like to keep Creep Mode OFF, but the issue I have is that without creep mode, the car is in total free wheel mode (forward and backwards), and so once or twice I have found myself drifting backwards when the road has even the slightest of inclines on a normal "flat" road... It would be great...
  19. Daniel Sparks

    Owner story: Why I Will Never Buy a Gas Car Again

    I thought you guys might enjoy our story. I think it is unique because Model S has been my family's sole vehicle for about a year and 27,000 miles. I wrote about it on Medium. Why I’ll Never Buy a Gas Car Again — Tech + Biz, D Sparks — Medium Enjoy, and thanks for reading :)
  20. chriSharek

    Creep ON or OFF?

    Before I ordered my MS I test drove a couple and I absolutely loved the Creep OFF function. It felt like I was driving a stick, but of course not really. However, in reverse, where I normally just ride the brake, I'm not as fond of it. Wondering your thoughts on the creep?
  21. Alan Sherman

    Impressions After Owning a Model S 10 days

    I’ve had a chance to live with the car now for 10 days, take 2 100+ mile round trips and generally, consider how it compares with other nice cars I’ve owned. To give you some perspective, and some context from whence my opinions come, I traded in a Jaguar XJ for the MS, and have most recently...
  22. roblab

    Vacationing in Norway with a Model S

    What with the Supercharger build out in Norway, my wife and I think it makes great sense to try a vacation in Norway. We see several ideas about driving vacations in Norway, and we see that there is a gorgeous country and interesting people. Now they have Tesla! If there were a place a...
  23. R

    521 Mile Road Trip From East Bay To Eugene and Back

    Hey guys, I'm looking into making a 521 mile road trip from my home in the Sf Bay Area to The University of Oregon in order to drop my son at school. After a few months of tirelessly hacking away at the Blink, ChargePoint, and PlugShare pages, I began to stalk the rumored Supercharging locations...
  24. igotzzoom

    Thoughts on Self-Driving Cars...From a Car Enthusiast's Perspective.

    I am somewhat torn on the prospect of self-driving cars. With the ubiquity of mobile devices has come an exponential increase in driver distraction, which I witness on a daily basis in manifold forms. (i.e. not going when light turns green, drifting in lane, driving too slowly, etc.) so for...