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  1. J

    Buy a New Tesla or w/significant warranty

    but do yourself a favor and skip buying one out of warranty as you will soon pay just as much in repairs for simple things as the cost of new ownership… I spent 6 months renting a Tesla 3 from hertz (at an egregious and ludicrous cost) while I ubered in it, fell in love with it, and undoubtedly...
  2. W

    3LR: DRL in FOGs like US. I Want!!

    I have a M3 Long Range Dual Motor, imported from Germany (china build). It has the fog lights and the thin, led- accent stripe, that comes on with the fog lights. I see some US models have that accent stripe, light up with the eyebrows. (And the headlights). It looks awesome and somehow adds...
  3. Cheburashka

    HOW TO: Replace Headlights in Refresh (2016+) Model S

    So like many others, I've been having issues with my DRLs "burning out" on my Model S. I'm on my 4th set of headlights now. Tesla has changed revisions of the headlights throughout the years and we are now on revision F (mid 2021). Let's hope that the problem doesn't come back. The DRL's...
  4. E

    8 inch hairline crack in glass roof

    My toddler noticed this in my Model 3 while driving today. The car has been a 100% garaged while at home and it is parked in a covered parking structure while at work. I remember reading stories of some early Model 3's developing stress-cracks, but more isolated than widespread as far as I can...
  5. yeti

    Where did the DRL option go on MS2?

    Didn't get much help on the Tesla Motors forum, so re-posting the question here. Apologies to those who have already seen it there. I have a MS version 2 (in NY) and noticed today that the DRLs do not come on. The manual says there should be an option for DRL in the lights settings, but that...
  6. Vger

    Ferries, nighttime, winter, and the Model S lighting controls: not a good mix

    Hi Fellow Canadians, I wanted to alert you to an issue I have discovered with the way the exterior lighting controls function on the Model S in Canada, especially their handling of the daytime running light (DRL) requirement. I expect this will also affect Model S owners in Atlantic Canada...