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drunk driving

  1. Tezla1

    Drunk guy jumps on my Tesla Model 3!

    Just earlier in the day, I washed and waxed the car. So, when I got home that night and parked in the Garage. I noticed 2 hand prints on the hood as I walked by my car. Thought that was pretty odd.... Which led me to look into the Dash Cam video footage, where I found the guy jumping on my...
  2. Pluto

    Another DUI on Autopilot

    Read here: CHP Investigates if Tesla Was on Autopilot After DUI Arrest At least when he fell asleep at the wheel, there was no accident this time. Driving under the influence with autopilot on doesn’t mean it’ll prevent all accidents, but it’ll prevent some. Either way it’s unsafe to be on the...
  3. mspohr

    Drunk thought AP would get him home safely... CHP thinks otherwise

    Tesla driver passes out allegedly drunk in his Model S, tells the police the car was on Autopilot This drunk person was found stopped on the Bay Bridge. He says he had Autopilot turned on and thought that was safe. Unfortunately, the AP sensed that he was not paying attention (twerking the...