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dual charger

  1. SpeedRacerM5

    FS 2015 Tesla Model S 85D, AP1, Midnight Silver, 61k Miles, Warranty 2022 / 96k Miles

    Hi everyone, My wife and I have decided to sell our Model S to upgrade to a family sized Model X SUV. Since we plan to road trip with two growing kiddos, it seems the natural choice. I've been driving a few different Model S since early 2016. The sleek look, low ride-height, and performance...
  2. N

    Older Model S Single or Dual Charger

    I'm contemplating purchasing an older Model S or a newer Model3. Ideally this is an easy question,... go with the 3 but it really comes down to cost for me. I know that with overnight charging I can get a full charge with either a single or dual charger in the car but I'm more or less...
  3. T

    Tesla model S 2013 for part out 26 june 2019

    I am parting out a black model S RWD 2013 85 KW. The car have small damage in front passenger side. No structural damages. The windshield ( pre auto pilot ), the hood and all the airbags are good. I will be a great match for someone who is repairing a model S that have damage in the driver side...
  4. dreamingof3

    Tesla P85 2013 Multi Coat Red only 15k miles!

    2013 P85 – one of the few remaining from this year with under 16k miles Purchased from Tesla CPO program (warranty should be for 48k more miles or through 2021) Multi Coat Red – paint is in very good condition only a few chips minor scratched Grey Performance Interior Ultra High Fidelity Sound...
  5. No ICE

    Dual charger set up ? I will have two model S's to charge every night.

    Here is my scenario, we own a 2016 S75D ( wife's car) I am getting a 2014 S85 cpo with dual chargers in a few weeks. My charging Plan was and still is to have my wife and I share the HWPC (setup is 240/50 amp breaker) in our garage. She drives 40-50 miles a day. I will drive 150-200/day...
  6. P

    Price Reduced - 2014 Tesla S85 $62,900

    Priced for a quick sale. New S built and in transit. Full add located here: Price Reduced - 2014 Tesla S85 $62,900 December 2014 Tesla Model S85 $62,900 Under 24,000 miles (mostly highway) White body color, panoramic sun roof, tan leather seats, matte obeche wood décor 85 KW Battery --...

    Dual Charger

    looking for model s onboard dual charger
  8. GasKilla

    Anyone upgrade to dual chargers after delivery?

    I'm planning a trip at the end of the summer where an 80 amp destination charger is available and may be handy to charge at 80 amps (I won't be spending the night at the charger). How many times have you charged above 40 amps? Was the upgrade "worth it"? I certainly like the idea of dual...
  9. chipmunk

    48 amp charger upgradeable after delivery for $1,900

    It looks like rumors that the new 48 amp charger in both Model S and Model X is upgradeable after delivery to 72 amps were true. The cost is $1,900. See the bottom of this image from the current Model S design studio. The same language is on the Model X studio as well.
  10. N

    Adding a second charger for 80A charging - dual charger - how helpful is Tesla

    My first car, 2012 S85 had a dual charger and i had installed an HPWC. I liked it and i enjoyed the quick charges even though I did not have too many times when i actually needed to charge very quick. My new one, 2015 S90D, i bought it from a showroom, love it but it has a single charger. A...
  11. A

    A few things to know about buying a USED Model S...

    I am awaiting delivery of my used 2013 Model S from Tesla! Here are a few things I learned in the buying process: Where to buy: If you buy used directly from Tesla, you get a 4 year/48k bumper to bumper warranty, and the prices seem competitive with other sellers. There are some available...
  12. benemac

    If You Could Order Again, What Options Would You Get

    We're getting close to putting in an order for a MS 60. But we have different ideas on options and colors. Keep in mind, we live in Scottsdale and don't need the subzero package or the smart air suspension (doesn't seem to do well in our climate). Currently, the options we agree on are...