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  1. A

    Model Y delivery UAE

    Hello All My OD is 14th July 2022 Initial EDD : 1 Nov - 16 Dec MYP Black/Black enhanced autopilot. On July 30th changed exterior color to White. Same day EDD changed to 9 Aug - 8 Sep. I called Tesla Dubai on August 10th to ask about the suprising EDD. They told me that this EDD has been...
  2. S

    Changing SIM / Modem / MCU on US Spec Car

    Hello, I know this has been asked previously but couldn't find an answer: Any chance you are aware of a way to replace the SIM / Modem / MCU of US spec Model S to be able to get connectivity to the car in UAE and also get navigation to start working. Am also open to 3rd party garages that...
  3. dndcruz

    Tesla Dubai Opening

    Tesla’s Dubai showroom is set to open on the 12th of July ! They have also shipped hundreds of teslas , which are probably inventory cars ( shown below)
  4. dndcruz

    First Model S appears In dubai for Delivery

    looks like the first few model S have been shipped to dubai and are getting prepped for delivery , since service/delivery/store is not yet open , from the looks of these pictures , it appears it's being managed by technical resources UAE who specialize in Auto Service Centres . They were...
  5. dndcruz

    Tesla Launches In the UAE : Video

    Tesla Launched In the UAE Yesterday , , credits to Walied Albasheer for the video
  6. dndcruz

    Tesla Superchargers In UAE

    Tesla is gearing up for its launch tommorow by installing superchargers in multiple locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  7. T

    Items of consideration - Importing to Dubai UAE

    I have been watching Tesla for sometime and would love to have a Model S here in Dubai. I see some have arrived but there is no official local support for them yet. I realize the maintenance problems of having a Tesla in a unsupported area but am happy to take the chance that Tesla will soon be...
  8. kushari

    Dubai Owners I need a favor

    So I need a favor from any of the owners in Dubai. My father lives in Dubai and he helped me down pay for my 70D. At first he was mad, because he just thought I was being a brat. Then I explained the car to him and how it saves money where as other add to the price in terms of gas, insurance...