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easter egg

  1. B

    Manual app Easter egg

    I just read about the manual app Easter egg delivered with 2023.6.8 which is installed on my Y. I’m not seeing it within my infotainment center. Is there something I need to do to make it available there? The story I read in the Notatesla newsletter gave all detail except that part. Thanks, Dan
  2. spehanich

    Easter Egg Menu Does Not Appear

    Just picked up my Model 3 SR+ today and have been playing around with various settings ever since. Plan to take it out for an outing this weekend but still have a lot to learn. I like to play around with the controls until I figure something out. If it takes more than an hour, then I ask for...
  3. J

    New Easter Egg or Glitch M3

    I’m worried that Tesla or even Elon are trying to avoid having me listen to Shirley Bassey’s “let’s get this party started” using a voice command. Or maybe they want me to go camping? Then the screen shuts down but is reactivated with just a touch. Very strange!! Just watch - two separate...
  4. eustachio

    Model 3 light show

    My 10 year old son is a massive Tesla fan and was instrumental in us buying the car. He keeps saying he's so happy we got our Model 3, has a Tesla shirt he wears every day (and sleeps in- it gets a lot of washing!), and has taught me stuff about the car. He got this idea having seen a Model X...
  5. srs5694

    Monty Python Easter egg

    There's a report on Electrek about a new Monty Python Easter egg: https://electrek.co/2019/10/06/tesla-monty-python-easter-egg-v10-software-update/ I checked it out. It turns out there's an animation when you change your car's name to activate the Easter egg, too...
  6. jorobsand

    New Tesla App Easter Egg

    Not discovered by me, but by a fellow community member. If you happen to be charging your battery when left with 121 miles, a dialog box appears in which you can select to turn "Time Circuits On". The app screen then changes to a whole bunch of Back to the Future references. Was discovered using...
  7. B

    New Easter eggs don’t show up

    Is there something I need to do to unlock the new Easter eggs? I think I have the latest software, but the romance/whoopee cushion don’t show up with the other Easter eggs. Can someone help?
  8. Thp3

    Christmas Easter egg Reprise

    Push the microphone, and say “ Ho Ho Ho”. Then it starts. The car icon morphs into a sleigh, and the turn signals ring jingles 6 times when used. When stopped, you can see into the sleigh. I think this is an 2017 Easter egg, but it is still terrific. I’m may have to use it each day until New...
  9. Gwgan

    Have you hugged your Model 3 today?

    Really? I won’t say I didn’t try.
  10. aikisteve

    All of Model S Easter Eggs

    Made a video about all of the known Model S Easter Eggs and how to properly activate them (not via the basket). I think most of them are known, but some may not be or have some details that people missed (like on the James Bond one).
  11. H

    Just Noticed This with the James Bond Easter Egg

    I had the 007 Easter egg active and just noticed this today. Anyone see it? It took my driver profile name "Driver X" as shown in the profile screen and displayed it as "Diver X" at the top. Sneaky...
  12. Nick S

    17.17.4 all easter eggs found

    Hello This may be a duplicate update. But just in case, I noticed that all the easter eggs for MX are available in the latest firmware update. procedure: 1) on the console select the T icon 2) notice the three horizontal lines in the middle of the banner (to the left of your Tesla's name) 3)...
  13. SoCal Tsla

    #16 Easter Egg Hunt in Tesla Model X

    This video was from Easter when my 2 little ones egg hunted in my MX lol. The elder one told me she enjoyed it more than on the grass and I was really surprised...
  14. Patrick0101

    modelxmas limit

    After taking time off for the holiday, I went back to work today. I brought a few coworkers out to the parking lot to show them the modelxmas show, but it didn't work. I have done it several times, so I know how to start it. Just wondering if there is a limit to the number of times you can do...