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easy entry

  1. T

    Passenger door mirror following wash

    Just got my car washed at a hand car wash, noticed after when reversing the passenger door mirror was way off and when in drive. Readjusted back to normal, however as soon as I put it in park and Easy Entry it was way off, then when reselecting my profile again it was way off. Tried both saved...
  2. J

    Demo drive to tennis goes badly - Easy Entry on!

    Four of us are playing indoor tennis at Duke University and my three friends want me to drive my wonderful, brilliant Tesla 2020 Model 3, White and White AWD. Of course I'm delighted to have the opportunity to show the car and convert some non believers. It's my intention to give them my...
  3. xxxholic

    Easy Entry not working properly on v10

    Has anyone's Easy Entry stopped working since v10? My seat used to slide back when I exited the car and would go into my preferred saved setting when I entered the car. Now my seat just stays at the preferred setting. Even after going in settings and checking Easy Entry (this was not checked)...
  4. djroberts

    Sentry Mode turning itself on, Easy Entry?

    Sentry mode keeps turning itself on and checking all the exclude boxes. Twice I've made sure that "exclude favorites" was unchecked and sentry was off from my mobile device. When I go to turn it on within the car it's already enabled and "exclude favorites" is re-checked. I think this started...
  5. I

    Suggestion: Deactivate easy entry when the car detects a rear passenger

    Hey..simple suggestion for the Tesla software engineers. Can we have a setting that detects when a rear passenger is in the car and therefore deactivates the “Easy Entry” setting. Normally I am a solo driver with no occupants, but every weekend when I’m with my kids, their legs get smooshed...
  6. H

    Driver profiles not adjusting seats. Any ideas?

    Ever since I picked my car up from a service appointment last week, my driver profile/easy entry settings haven't been working. Neither the seat nor the steering wheel responds to switching the driver profile or easy entry when the car is put in park (the side view mirrors do respond, so I know...
  7. J

    Driver Seat Adjustment

    The my drivers seat does not go as far upright as the passenger seat, i.e. it's always a bit too reclined. I took it to Tesla and they reset the seat once and all was good. Now a couple months later it is happening again. I have Easy Entry setup, not sure if this is a cause, however, even...
  8. aikisteve

    Explaining the new Easy Entry feature in update 2017.46.8

    Today I tested the Easy Entry feature. It mostly works as expected, but there is some quirk that I'm not sure is a bug or just the way it works. For me it's a bug, but not sure what you guys think of it. It seems the easy entry does not work for entering when someone not using it has left the...