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  1. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  2. dst87

    Our Group Collection at Edinburgh

    Last Friday, 16th August, we collected our beautiful new Tesla Model 3 Performance from the Edinburgh Service centre. The experience was a little different than I expected, so I figured I'd share my experience here for anyone who might be interested. Group Demonstration I've seen a photos...
  3. M

    'Tesla Opening Retail Store in Edinburgh this week'... Apparently...

    Tesla Motors Has More Than 1,600 Jobs Open, Many For Engineers Can anyone confirm this? Er,... don't bother - It's on the map already! Tesla Store, Service Centers and Chargers First I've heard of it! MW
  4. John Clark

    Anyone in Edinburgh or Fife?

    Disclaimer: don't have a Tesla yet, am hoping to be in a position to do so next year, but keen to make contact to other Tesla owners ahead of time. Raising the purchase price aside, my first obstacle is convincing my wife that we need a Tesla (I'm convinced; a P85+ test drive did that for me!)...
  5. AlbertaNetZero

    Edinburgh Supercharger

    Edinburgh Supercharger | Tesla Motors
  6. charliestyr

    Hello from Edinburgh ;-)

    Hi everyone, I have been a Tesla Motors fan since the beginning, surprised I haven't joined this forum earlier, as I have often ended up here from various places around the web. I am a general car nut, originally not all that convinced on electric cars, never against them but was never that...
  7. dpeilow

    BBC FUD Fest: Mini-E London to Edinburgh

    Here's another "let's try and drive a Mini-E from one end of the country to the other" stunt... This time it's the BBC (quelle surprise). Mini adventure: how far can an electric car go? - Why do BMW keep lending the cars out for these stunts? - Why do Elektromotive keep getting involved...