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  1. P

    Where can I rent an EDR kit in the Puget Sound area?

    The camera recording system wasn't enabled when I was rear-ended after the car phantom braked. Other driver is denying responsibility despite very likely following too close. I need the proof for my Insurance claim, and Tesla isn't cooperating. This accident injured my spine and I'm unable to...
  2. F

    EDR cable Part #: 1131144 pinout.

    Maybe this has already been posted somewhere, but what is the pinout for this cable on the 9-pin RS-232 side. I purchased the bare CAN diagnostic cable that connects to my 2016 Model X from Maxwell. I believe I just need to use 4 cables from that cable to go into the RS-232, but I don’t know...
  3. jordanthompson

    Anyone have EDR Cables for Model X?

    I am looking for a way to pull the logs from my car after an incident. Specifically I am looking for blinkers, speed, brake lights, etc. I am not really excited about paying $200 for the cables, and another $500 for a CAN bus analyzer. I'd be interested in beg, borrowing, or stealing (not...
  4. G

    Need to borrow (Seattle): Event Data Recorder (EDR) cables for 2016 MS

    Anyone in the greater Seattle area have EDR cables handy that I can borrow? Or are there any shops that have the cables/tools on hand that I can go to? I was in a very minor accident recently and was hoping that the event data could help my case in the insurance claim. I'm willing to drive a...
  5. S

    Is anyone able to download data logs for accident evidence?

    Looking for someone in the Orange county/ LA area who is willing and able to download data, specifically speed, from our Model X. Wife accidentally love tapped the car in front at a red light. No visible damage to that car, maybe a scratch. They are now claiming $700 in repair costs + lost...
  6. D

    Need Model 3 EDR Cable

    Hi. I need to rent or borrow an EDR cable set for Model 3 to download the Event Data Recorder data from my M3. Tesla doesn't do this for me, and I only need it once so I have no need to purchase the entire kit. I need this to get accident data for my insurance company. Willing to pick up / drop...