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electric bike

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    The Longest Range EVs In The World

    It's insane how good EV range is getting, across all vehicle classes. Cars can go up to 402 miles, bikes can go 155 miles, scooters can go 120 miles, even skateboards can go 60 miles on a charge. The Longest Range Electric Vehicles In 2020 | ZAP EVs Blog
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    What electric bikes work well with Tesla owners?

    Hi everyone - I've been looking to buy a folding electric bike for ages for my commute into town, and using as an alternative to the train. I want something that I can easily transport easily in my Tesla (Model X) - the dream is to be able to take it on family holidays, and use to complete some...
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    Anyone interested in an ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE?

    Very Rare! Very Cool! Here is the link to the actual thread 2010 Brammo Enertia ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE
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    2010 Brammo Enertia ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE

    2010 Brammo Enertia ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE in excellent condition with only 2,425 original miles! Located near Daytona Beach Florida. This is bike #97 of the 2010 limited production year. It's a VERY VERY RARE bike. This is a very fast and very serious fully ELECTRIC bike that runs on 72 Volt...