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electrician charging

  1. D

    Fried Wall Charger: Looking for Opinions

    Hey all, Long time lurker - first time poster. Long story short, recently my Wall Charger fried. After opening it up I clearly saw the culprit (see photos). What I would like to discuss is if the hired electrician did a good job or if there is negligence on the hired electricians part. I'm by...
  2. itsallaboutme

    NEMA 14-50 or Hardwire ChargePoint electric company paying for service upgrade

    Should I go for the 14-50 or hardwire the ChargePoint? I am getting a 200 amp service upgrade which will be paid for by PSEG NJ electric service provider. Hardwire: if I get another charger I would have to hire the electrician to come back and install the new charger. (This is only if...
  3. melbrayporkpie

    Earth rod or no earth rod?

    Had and electrician out to check my drive to install a Pod-Point charger. He’s not done many chargers before and seems to think all ev chargers need an earth rod. I thought the Pod-Point doesn’t need one, but the electrician questioned whether Tesla would insist on home chargers to have one...
  4. MightyHawk

    HPWC Installation Quote Flexibility

    I just received a quote to install a HPWC in my home, for $1000 plus the cost of the HPWC. This quote included putting in a 60 amp breaker and wiring. But rather than just wire up just the HPWC, I would instead like to install a sub-panel in the garage and ideally connect that to the main...
  5. E

    Electrician reference - Atlanta/greater Atlanta area

    Hi everyone, I'm a first time poster and would appreciate a local electrician reference for the greater Atlanta area (preferably a company that services the north western 'burbs - Smyrna/Marietta). I'm looking to get a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage. I estimate the install to be on...
  6. macd1995

    Electrician Needed... Car arrives in 1 - 2 weeks (!) We are ahead of schedule (!)

    For those who had a NEMA 14-50 installed, can you suggest an electrician? I am hoping you can recommend someone who did a great job for you. I live in Brooklyn. I am in a condo and I am looking to run 100ft of wires to my spot in the garage from my home meter. Thanks for your help!!
  7. T

    Electrician Recommendation in Brussels, Belgium

    Hi Folks I'm looking for an electrician who can firstly check my power situation at home and then do the necessary installation for charging. I don't want any fancy high power setup, just a well installed normal socket that's not going to cause the house to burn down. I'm also probably going...
  8. GaryRudolph

    Ventura County HPWC Electrician

    I'm reaching out to Solar City, but wanted to find if anyone had a recommendation for an electrician for an HPWC install in Ventura County (specifically Moorpark). Thanks, Gary
  9. A

    Electrician recommendations for SF Bay Area

    Hi all, I'm in Fremont and need to upgrade my main service panel and add a run to my garage. Any recommendations for an electrician for the East/South bay (I'm in Fremont)? Solar City said they can't do it when they contacted me. I figure I'll put in a 50A outlet but have everything wired for...