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  1. M

    Tesla certified installers?

    I requested a quote from multiple Tesla certified electricians over the past week. My panel is located on the back right corner of my ranch house inside a finished basement with the garage in the front right corner. The simplest routing is to exit at the rear, go up to the attic, run across...
  2. J

    Any updated recommended electricians in Oahu? Specifically NEMA 14-50

    Hello all! New to the island and to the forum. Any updated recommendation for electricians who can install nema 14-50 on the island? Secondly, anyone live in a house with detached garage out back with the breaker box front of the house who can give me an estimate of what was paid and how it...
  3. IGotEastBay

    Electrician in Bay Area - East Bay

    Hi all, Does anyone have a recommendation for an electrician to install the 240 volt outlet in the Bay Area, specifically the East Bay? What are people in the area paying for the install? Thanks.
  4. C

    Hello from Chris in Orlando - could use an electrician recommendation pls

    Hi all! Getting our 60S in August! Looking for a reputable electrician in the Orlando area for a NEMA 14-50 install. Got one estimate for 1k from one of the Tesla recommended electrician. Got a bit turned off when they said the price is higher for Tesla vs a different EV. Would appreciate a...
  5. Jumper

    My Charging Setup 1-2-3: Lessons and Learnings for Folks After Me

    I figured I would share my experiences setting up my home charging solution, since I originally found it all rather overwhelming, and have ended up quite happy with the decisions that I've made. 1. Where do I install my home charger? It might not seem like a big deal, but I can't stress...
  6. F

    Electrician in Tampa Bay

    I am scheduled to pick up my Model S at the end of August. Who has installed the connectors for you? Would you recommend that installer? How much was it? I have a typical garage with circuit breaker box on the same wall where the connector will go. The car will have dual chargers, but I plan on...
  7. K

    Electrician recommendations uptown toronto

    Hi everyone. First time poster, so take it easy on me. So I just put in my deposit for my Model S :biggrin: this past Saturday (Arrival date in April... dreading the next 3 months of waiting) I'm trying to get most of my ducks in a row, and was looking into Electricians. Since there's an...
  8. T

    Electrician Recommendation in Brussels, Belgium

    Hi Folks I'm looking for an electrician who can firstly check my power situation at home and then do the necessary installation for charging. I don't want any fancy high power setup, just a well installed normal socket that's not going to cause the house to burn down. I'm also probably going...
  9. B

    San Diego: Recommendations for electricians to install 240V outlet in condo garage?

    In my ongoing research on dealing with the feasibility of buying a Model S, I have to deal with an HOA for my condo, and get board approval for any alterations to the common garage space to install power to my parking space. Anybody been there done that already in the San Diego area? Any...