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  1. D

    Charge your Tesla at home using clean energy ONLY

    Hi, my name is Dario and I have developed a system that makes possible to charge your Tesla using clean energy ONLY from your solar panels. I named it ChOp (charge optimizer). If it rains, you don’t charge. If you’re cooking your meal and using up your current production, you don’t charge. But...
  2. tomcat

    Seeking advice on U.K. electricity provider

    I’m looking to lease or purchase a M3 in the coming months and am currently installing the cabling and breaker capacity to support the charger/connector. I thought I should also review options on the best electricity suppliers that provide support for EV charging, whether in the form of...
  3. A

    Model X: Insurance

    I'm looking to buy a Model X as a replacement for my Honda Odyssey. Does anyone have any advice on the practicality of a Model X, insurance costs, and electricity?
  4. I

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    One of the main reasons for recently purchasing the LR AWD Model 3 was to save on gas, especially compared to our gas guzzling SUV. My wife and I don't have a terribly long commute and will probably only drive it about 8,000 - 10,000 miles per year. I live in the East Bay, where it gets pretty...
  5. Positvt

    Busting 2 myths about saving money when home charging in Hawaii

    Hi all, Here are the 2 myths I have heard about saving money when home charging in Hawaii: 1. It is cheaper to charge your Tesla with the slow, standard mobile connector (110/120V @ 15A) than with a 50A (240V) socket using a NEMA 14-50 adapter or Tesla Wall Connector 2. It is cheaper to charge...
  6. C

    BC hydro EV charger rebate

    Does anyone know if the Tesla HPWC qualifies for the bc hydro ev charger incentive? EV Charger Rebate for B.C. Homes | BC Hydro Wondering if anyone has taken advantage of this yet.
  7. D

    Model 3 Charging cost? - Significant increase in Electric bill

    Hello everyone, Has anyone been able to calculate the true cost of charging at home? I received my car on May 31 and have since put on 7250km,. I have averaged about 152 Wh/KM since i have had my Model 3. Over the last 3 years, my energy consumption for the month of June 17 to July 19 has...
  8. S

    Solar with Heat Pump for Heating/Cooling House

    My wife and I will be building a house later this year, and we're very interested in using solar to power as much of it as possible (ideally 100% after factoring in net metering). As we'll be building in southern Maine, we're very concerned about the cost to heat the home. Both our builder and...
  9. David29

    Constellation overcharges for electricity through the Community Electricity Aggregation Program

    Did you get overcharged for your electricity by Eversource this month? Anyone in this group who lives in MA and in the towns and cities that are in the Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) Community Electricity Aggregation Program (list below) get their energy...
  10. Peteybabes

    New Paint Tesla should consider!?

    Hello, this morning i ran across an article from another magazine publication i get about a new paint that can turn the sun's energy into electricity! the link is here: Paint Converts Solar Heat to Electricity : PaintSquare News i wonder if this could become a cost effective option if produced...
  11. Mknac

    Tesla standard Nema 14-50 Question

    I have the standard charging kit that came with my car. Right now it is plugged into my Nema 14-50 plug. I didn't drive my MS today so it is sitting at 80% battery charge. Should I plug I tonight before I go to bed, even though it won't charge? The green light on the unit is on. Is this...
  12. Nomad

    Help finding the video demonstrating efficiency of coal powered Tesla vs gasoline ICE

    One of the common, albeit misguided, criticisms of electric vehicles is that they get their electricity from coal, thus making them effectively more of a pollutant than a traditional ICE car. I seem to recall a video of either JB or Elon debunking that claim. If my memory serves me correctly...
  13. iKhalid

    Suggestion for Hydro Companies (This might benefit you)

    Hello Canadians, I sent Hydro Ottawa a message using their contact form. Basically I was suggesting to have a rebate program for EV owners similar to what they are currently offering for new homes for their efficient appliances. I mentioned that electric vehicles are normally charged during...
  14. Cliff Hannel

    REAL efficiency and electricity costs

    First: love the car - this is not intended to indicate it is anything but a game-changer (I posted compiled shipment numbers showing how game-changing here), the watt-hours-per-mile indicator in the car does NOT really tell you how much electricity you will need from your grid/solar connection...