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  1. solodogg

    Tesla HPWC (Elon signature edition 80A)

    Gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector in matte black with Elon’s signature. This was only available as a referral reward, never available for purchase directly from Tesla. 80A charging capability for the dual charger Model S and Model X. All screws/accessories included along with the original manual...
  2. NoGasNoBrakes

    Teslas to Have Windows Auto-Close When It Rains

    Elon replies with "sure" in response to a tweet asking him for the ability to have a Tesla's windows to automatically close when parked and detecting rain. We'll see if this happens soon but sounds promising given the straightforward, affirmative answer.
  3. C

    My Tesla Model3 SR+ LFP will not charge!

    Hello everyone, my 2021 Tesla Model 3SR+ is not letting me charge anymore.. To an extent. For example, whenever I try to plug in my Wallbox 40V charger in the car, the actuators make a clicking sound about 5 times then the T logo stays a solid blue for a couple of seconds then turns red. By...
  4. T

    FSD Timeline Promises (summary)

    Here is a great summary of what Elon has communicated about the FSD timeline. https://motherfrunker.ca/fsd/ Full copy below for archival September 2014 They will be a factor of 10 safer than a person [at the wheel] in a six-year time frame Source December 2015 We're going to end up with...
  5. Jamezam

    What if…

    I’ve been thinking about ALL the complaints I constantly hear about Tesla, Elon, S, X, 3, Y’s, firmware updates, etc. And, it dawned on me “what if” Tesla didn’t exist, what if Elon was never born? Where oh where would we be today? I for one, am entirely appreciative of Elon and Tesla and...
  6. R

    NIB Black Wall (P/N 1050067-11-H) Connector Signed

    Available for sale is Brand New Factory sealed Black Tesla Wall Connector -the one with Elon Musk's signature. P/N 1050067-11-H, 24 foot cable and mounting hardware Designed to work with Model S, X, 3. Can be installed indoor/outdoor. Curious about installation, here's a link to the user...
  7. A

    Need Your Help! Getting Word Out On New Marketing/sales Program

    I have a new sales/marketing program I want to pitch to Tesla but I haven't been able to get a response from a single one of their official channels. I have hit the last resort of tweeting Mr. Musk but I am not a Twitter user so I have no following. It would be awesome if you could view the...
  8. LargeHamCollider

    Taking Legal Action Against the SEC

    The SEC exists to protect shareholders and ensure fair markets. Instead of protecting shareholders, however, they have become a risk-factor for retail investors that needs to be planned for and mitigated. This state of affairs constitutes gross negligence on the part of the SEC. This post is...
  9. Veritas1980

    Tesla/Elon announcement tracker

    So I been trying to search the forum for this, but unsuccessful, so if it is just my searching skills that is lacking I apologize. I've been a Tesla owner for a couple of years now, and gotten used to having most of my communication regarding upcoming features and new products from Elon's...
  10. Ostrichsak

    Want to Buy: Referral Reward Black Wall Connector (HPWC) for $350

    I'm not in a hurry to buy as my NEMA 14-50 is doing the trick just fine so I'm not looking to pay the higher prices some are asking for one of these. If you have one you got from a referral (read: Free) that you want to move quickly w/o needing to take photos, create a listing or deal with tire...
  11. Z


    Trying to buy a new model X has been such a horrible experience!!!! Lets start w their customer loyalty dept/manager that hasn’t returned an email or phone calls in almost 4 weeks after they contacted me about getting a new car! original inventory car I wanted was sent to Seattle for some...
  12. heytae

    High Power (Limited Edition Autographed by Elon, black) Wall Connector, HPWC

    I have a referral award that I'm willing to have drop shipped to you. Brand new, sealed in box, autographed special edition Tesla Wall Connector / Charger. Generation 2, Matte Black Charger, 24ft cable, 80 Amps These are NOT available for purchase from Tesla. You can only get them for...
  13. fasteddie7

    3 apps open at once! Bug or feature?

    Bug or feature, I love it. Hopefully if it is a bug, Tesla thinks about implementing a purposely working verision of this in the future. Just spreading the word we can do this (have 3 apps open at once)
  14. selfbp

    PETITION: Bring back dual app view Elon! Sign here!!

    I created a petition on Change.org to hopefully put into numbers a small portion of us who want dual app mode restored to its full glory! Share Share Share! Sign the Petition Tweet like the wind!
  15. S

    New theory - Elon is shorting the stock

    It's the only way to explain his otherwise self destructive behavior. He shorts the stock, acts crazy, calls people pedophiles, makes money. Sadly, this might be the most optimistic interpretation of his recent behavior.
  16. S

    Signature wall connector Sealed box

    I received my signature wall connector. Available to pickup at Los Angeles. Asking $600 or best offer. Brand new, in box, never used.
  17. jkirkwood001

    Q2 earnings call discussion

    I'm on the Q2 earnings call now, and there are lots of interesting nuggets. For example, the top 5 non-Tesla trade-ins to buy a Model 3 are: Toyota Prius BMW 3 series Honda Accord Honda Civic Nissan Leaf What interested Elon the most about this is that these are mostly trade-ups, i.e. people...
  18. fasteddie7

    New member posts with crazy issues

    Is it me or do I see a lot of brand new members posting some crazy long story of how their brand new Tesla is a piece of crap or is a huge safety risk that caused them to wreck (with pictures). Every time I click on a title in the forum and see one of these long posts, all I have to do is look...
  19. R

    Tesla worker filmed sleeping while on autopilot

    Friend filmed this o/a June 4th, 2018, near Fremont, CA.