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  1. S

    My Electric Car- song by new member

    My Electric Car Would you like to hear a song about electric cars? This is a music video set to the song by Indie artist, Solar Windman®, discussing the sociopolitical aspects of owning an electric car. This is an international song. When you see the music video, you will see what I mean. My...
  2. R

    Cybertruck sighting.

    I'm not buying one, but I know there is great interest. I think that this is Elon coming from dinner.
  3. D

    Trip Planner missing mid-range plus

    So I just ordered my model 3 two week ago and was going through the trip planner but have found out that they do not show a trip planner for mid-range cars. Can someone please add the mid-range plus for the trip planner?
  4. laudbrian

    Best DIY - IDGAF license plate cover - poll added

    Coming out of a bar last Saturday night I couldn't stop laughing for awhile after my wife pointed this out on the back of this black Model 3 parked in Berkeley, CA, such a bold and I don't care vibe, love it.
  5. J

    Musk vows to roll out 500 Model 3 units per day

    Bringing some relief to customers and investors who are miffed by the long delays in the delivery of Tesla’s ambitious Model 3 sedan, Musk on Tuesday said the company now targets to produce around 500 units per day this week. “It is looking quite likely that we will exceed 500 vehicles per day...
  6. Xiao mage

    What happen?