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  1. T

    PLAID Raised Emblem Model S Community Input

    Hi fellow Model S-ers. I recently made this raised emblem and I was wondering what you guys think. Should letters be bigger and spaced further apart? Or does it look just fine. I had recently made one for a friend where the PLAID emblem was to the top right which looked fine. I want your guys...
  2. J

    Looking for T E S L A emblem on New Model S Plaid/Long Range

    Hi, does anybody have a picture of a new Model S (Plaid or long range) with a T E S L A emblem/logo instead of the standard T on the back? I have that on my Model Y and would like to also replace the T with T E S L A on my new white Model S long range coming in 2 weeks. Want to see how good...
  3. A

    Lighting T Sign Emblem

    Hello, We’re all aware that Evannex has stopped production on the Lighting T logo for Teslas. However I do have the part for the Model Y specifically. Feel free to hit me up if you’re interested! Your Tesla will stick out compared to others!
  4. B

    Blacked out hood emblem

    I picked up my M3P a couple of weeks ago. First item on the agenda was paint protection film and a ceramic coating w/paint correction. Looks pretty amazing now and I am very happy with the results. As part of the paint film on the front, the installer removed the Tesla badge to do a proper job...
  5. Troglodytes

    Anyone else have their emblems removed/lost at the Service Center?

    Model Y pick-up in June. Three weeks at Service Center. For 20+ issues including: paint, fitment, interior, and out-of-alignment doors. Most issues resolved. But, somewhere in the process my front hood and rear trunk lid "T" emblems were taken off. Still have the 'DUAL MOTOR' letters, but...
  6. B

    ISO Original roadster emblem

    Looking for an original roadster hood emblem
  7. TTM3

    Should I replace "DUAL MOTOR" emblem with "P3D+"?

    I (think I) like the look of the P3D+ emblem over the DUAL MOTOR emblem, especially with the new "TESLA" letters on the trunk. Seems much sportier with P3D+...thoughts? (Yes, it's a new 2020 P3D(+))
  8. TriggerBanger

    Removal of Front Emblem and Rear Hatch Chrome Trim

    Need some help with the removal of the front emblem (which, according to pics I've seen, is attached to a plastic piece) and also the rear hatch chrome trim. Can anyone share if it can be done fairly easily or pass on any info?? Thanks ahead of time!
  9. M

    P90DL Aftermarket Badge

    I would like to buy a P90D badge and a ludicrous underline but don't know where to find the underline. I have seen the P90D all over eBay but the ludicrous emblem is nowhere to be seen. If anyone has purchased one before please let me know. Thank you!
  10. C

    Bluetooth Leds for Tesla Emblem

    I am interested in adding lighting to Tesla emblems on the front and rear. Similar to as shown 1)Lighted T for Tesla Model S 2) These seems to a single color and second one has a remote to have it blink. Probably asking too much but are there any multi-colored/single leds with bluetooth...
  11. Bruce

    Gauging interest on a P85 emblem that can be added to your car...

    I have found a way to have the P85 logo created for addition to our cars (perhaps on the trunk for proper "badging"). Unfortunately, I have to order a large number and will need to have others interested as well. Please give me some feedback to let me know it this will be feasible… It would...