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  1. D

    (Model S pre-2018) Have you had your eMMC replaced? If not, consider removing pin-to-drive

    Following on from a description of my recent experience in France, recounted on the Europe/UK board. Quick summary: while driving in a remote part of France, I did a 2-button reboot (because it seemed that I had lost internet connectivity) -- and the result was that the main screen would not...
  2. T

    Model S - No data from emmc

    Hi I understand there has been a lot of discussion about emmc failures, how to fix and what to do. I am in bit of a situation and trying to work out the best solution moving forward and cant find an answer. I am working on a 2016 model S that was received with a black MCU screen (and also in...
  3. ThisIsTrue

    Recall Service Resulted in 45,000 miles lost from odometer!

    Jack, the Tesla mobile ranger who comes to the house to do misc. service, highly recommended that I take our 2016 (HW v1) Model S in for the 8GB eMMC Recall as we had been having trouble with the screens going blank (but thankfully always recovered after awhile). It was something he can’t do on...
  4. C

    Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display

    Selling one Pre-Rooted 2020.36.2.1 MCU1 CID Central Information Display. Requires Model S or X (sorry, these are the only models I work with) $2,000 for complete pre-configured plug-and-play CID LCD Screen in good working condition (no goo bubbles) LTE Cellular Module with SIM Root Password...
  5. I

    Upgrade MCU1 to MCU2 outside Tesla Service Centre

    Hi guys, I’m looking for someone to upgrade the the MCU1 in my 2015 P85D Model S (AP1, HW1) to MCU2. I figured I could buy a compatible MCU2 from a 2018 car and send that with my MCU1 to someone to copy the data over. My issue is the eMMC has just failed (probs possible to recover the data) and...
  6. M

    Car powers off every time I park

    Hi all. Something for you all to ponder as you continue to digest your turkey. I had my 2016 MS in to get eMMC upgrade a few weeks ago. Ever since, the car powers down every time I park and get out of the car. Does not affect the center touchscreen at all. That comes on as soon as I get in the...
  7. C

    2013 Model S sudden battery failure

    We own a 2013 Model S 60 RWD with 65,000 miles. Warranty expired in March 2021. eMMC has not yet been replaced under the recall - car still has the original MCU1. It has had two replacements of the 12V battery, most recently in April 2021, and a few other issues prior to warranty expiration...
  8. D

    Denied eMMC replacement - what to do?

    So got my official recall notice that parts are available, and I should proceed with scheduling my eMMC replacement for MCU1. So, do so, drop it off... At the end of the day, service notes say to the effect "does not need replacement at this time... check back later to see if eMMC has reached...
  9. J

    eMMC recall replacement - had 3G to LTE modem replaced for parts cost

    I had my 2013 Model S in for the eMMC recall/replacement. While I was waiting on the eMMC part to arrive, I messaged the TSC asking what the cost would be to replace my 3G modem with the 4G/LTE board. TSC in Decatur, GA quoted me the parts-only cost for the replacement ($118.21). Plus they fixed...
  10. LuckyLuke

    MCU1: Black center screen / mcu failure caused by a faulty navigation MicroSD card

    Hi all. Just a informative / warning message from me :) There is now a new, until now largely unknown, reason for getting a full black center screen on a first generation MCU1.0 found on cars up to and including 2015. This report does not cover the newer 1.5 MCU found in 2016 and newer cars...
  11. S

    MCU1 Bricked After EMMC replacement?

    I know this is beating a dead horse and this subject has been covered in numerous threads. As a long time lurker I haven't posted until now, but I'm kind of at a loss about this situation. I had been having issues in my 2012 Model S with the touchscreen glitching or acting up (no...
  12. D

    What sets time zone? (another dying MCU1 whine)

    Like a lot of us, I have a near-death eMMC MCU1. Had an issue with Spotify crashing and causing either a reboot of the Tegra screen or an infinite loop (where music would restart prior to getting controls back, causing a crash again). On an unrelated (I hope) issue requiring a trip to the SC, I...
  13. E

    Why I'm Not Opting for Full Self-Driving

    I'm inching closer to yielding to temptation and buying a 3 or S. Like all prospective new owners, I'm grappling with the FSD option, and have decided against. I realize many of you sprang for FSD, so I hope I'm wrong! But here fwiw is my reasoning for saving the $10K. If I'm missing...
  14. E

    Blank MCU, indicating eMMC failure but EVERYTHING works?!

    Hi, Yesterday my car turned on as usual but the MCU display never came on, after a few reboots I figured the infamous eMMC issue had finally found its way to my car. After reading a bit on this forum I found some normal symptoms that indicates a eMMC failure, for instance the mph instead of...
  15. D

    eMMC issue? Only the eMMC or more? And can 12volt battery cause issues?

    Hi all, first, I apologize if I failed to search existing threads and find all this info already. I did go pretty deep in the eMMC wiki sticky, which was very helpful. But it didn’t answer all my questions. I have a 2013 Model S 60kwh with about 54,000 miles on it. I did not have the eMMC...
  16. Rockwell

    Retrofits and Upgrades that we have done! Any other retrofits you have done or like for us to do?

    Retrofits and Upgrades Hi, we have been working hard with providing retrofits and upgrades for our customers that we would like to share some of the projects we have done. Beside eMMC upgrades we also have done... -Ap1 retrofit which consist of changing to an iboost braking system, adding...
  17. I

    MCU1 car.key location

    Hi, I managed to create new operation system but I think I put the car.keys to wrong location. I just copied them to partition 3 but I didn´t make any folder for them. I read somewhere that they need to be in subfolder /var? What is the exact location for them and how can I move them over LAN...
  18. David29

    Inconsistent control of sunroof and AC through the App

    My car is parked in the sun in my parking lot and it is a warm day. I decided to check if my cabin overheat protection was working (I know it is set to 'on' in the car) so I opened the app. The app reported an interior temp of 117F, which concerned me because the COP is supposed to keep the...
  19. baks

    EMMC Hyunix

    Tesla Model S the big screen stopped glowing, but the car continues to move nominally. From various sources it can be seen that the memory of Hyunix was damaged. How to read and write it to a new chip?
  20. H

    IC (Instrument cluster) went black during MCU eMMC swap

    Car Details: P85+ with AP1 - EU version 2014/12 184.000 km Instrument cluster, Gen2 - 1004788-00-D (The one with the heat-sink on the back and NOT the fan) MCU1 Overall: MCU got a eMMC swap. The first two attempts was unsuccesful (Black screen on MCU). Bad image or something like that. The...
  21. P

    Is jouw eMMC al vervangen ?

    Ik zie dat er steeds meer mensen hun eMMC al laten vervangen of dat van plan zijn. Ik ben zo langzaam aan wel benieuwd hoe serieus dit probleem lijkt te worden.
  22. widodh

    Successful data recovery of broken eMMC chip MCU1

    For more information about what happens when the eMMC chip dies, see: Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) My story was that last summer (September 2019) the eMMC chip of my Model S from 2013 failed. It has 260.000km on the ODO and the chip failed before I was able to replace it. I did put on...
  23. Wiki

    Wiki Consolidated eMMC Thread (MCU repair) (Black Center Screen)

    *** Anyone who submitted our invoice and got denied. Appeal your denial, restate all the info from your invoice, and let them know we tested your chip for failure, Then repaired your board with a new chip. We are working with Tesla to help them approve all our eMMC repairs. *** ***Luckyluke...
  24. CuriousG

    Replaced MCU, Tesla wants to keep part of my old MCU (need legal argument)

    So a few days ago my MCU goes dark due to the well known eMMC issue. At this point I am unable to charge at home or at the Supercharger so I'm at the mercy of Tesla and have my car towed from the Supercharger with 7 miles left on my battery. My warranty is over since I'm hovering around 59k...
  25. Maarten

    Neem tijdig actie met je eMMC (en hoe dat te doen).

    De laatste tijd zijn er de nodige berichten verschenen over schermen van 'Classics' die op zwart gingen, airco en muziek die dan niet meer werken etc. Zie bijv. de draadjes: Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1 en: Gebruikers klagen over defecte oudere Tesla's door versleten emmc-chips Flash...
  26. B

    eMMC flash failure - Models S/X

    UPDATE: Tesla Cars Have A Memory Problem That May Cost You A Lot To Repair Of possible interest to owners with cars with MCU failure or even cars totally bricked. I understand there are older TMC threads on this as well. According to the article, this eMMC fash card was used on Teslas S/X up...