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end of lease

  1. Freerster

    End of Lease question

    I tried to search for the answer in the forums but didn't see an answer. So if the question has been asked and answered I am sorry in advance but please point me in the right direction of the answer. My question is if anyone has leased a vehicle with the first generation AP2 build date 3/17...
  2. X

    Tesla lease buyout - crazy penalty or error?

    Hello. Need some help understanding some lease buyout numbers from the experts. My 3 year lease of my 2016 Model S 75D with 21500 miles, ends at the end of this year (in 7 months). Lease is through Tesla Finance. My monthly payment (including taxes etc) is at $1200. With Model 3 leasing...
  3. S

    End of Lease Situation - 2016 Model S

    My lease ends Oct 1, 2018 and I have someone who wants to buy my Model S. I have called Tesla to inquire about my options and they are insisting to collect tax from me on the lease end buy out. I have never heard of this as all my previous lease buyouts with other Auto manufacturers have not...