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energy chart

  1. maggit13

    Energy Consumption not adjusting

    After the 2023.12.1 update, I noticed that the efficiency line on the Energy Consumption graph would not adjust to the starting battery level of a drive. I keep sentry mode on at work and the line would always shift down to whatever my battery level was but now it seems to stay at the previous...
  2. F

    Could Tesla solar panels connections to grid and house have been mixed up?

    I had Tesla solar panels installed at my house. After city inspection Tesla technician turned the solar switch on because I had solar permit for an earlier system that is running. He said it is ok. In the tesla energy app I am noticing the numbers and graphs don’t make sense. The grid graph...
  3. Minecon_CA

    No more kW in energy widget

    Did anyone else notice how the energy widget in the instrument cluster no longer show the kW? Here's what it looked like before: Hope they'll bring it back in the future!
  4. fsch

    Can't start heating from the app while charging at a CHAdeMO when at low range!

    My dear Californian car is silver must be blond in the inside because there are a few things she doesn't understand very well, especially about Winter. It's my 6th Winter with the car, so I'm used to it, but there are some new strange behaviors (at least to me) that must result from recent...
  5. S

    Green regen on energy screen....?

    Hi I'm sure the answers are out there but haven't 'happened' on them yet... I was thinking the other day that regen isn't 'always' adding energy to the battery because I can't see how it would be possible without damaging the battery (like plugging in the car for 30 seconds randomly through...
  6. FFR6288

    MPGE display

    Does anybody else think it would be a good thing to add MPGE (miles per gallon equivalent) to the energy chart? We are all used to thinking in WH/mile, but that means nothing to our ICE friends and relatives. A friend of mine just bought a new RAV4 hybrid and was very proud of his "high...
  7. GasKilla

    My car flatlined (on consumption) recent trip screen frozen...

    Anyone have similar issues? It says I've been driving 13 hours and 31 minutes when I was only driving for about 1/2 hour.. Also the miles since last charge is very wrong. I've reset both screens twice since I first noticed the problem and nothing has changed, still frozen. Also my home link...
  8. L

    How to read the Energy chart?

    Hi guys, Is there a FAQ or tutorial on how to read and analyze the energy chart? For example, the difference between average and instant range and which one is more accurate for daily use? Also, does the battery have any reserve storage? Once the rated miles are up, will the car die or does it...