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energy consumption

  1. D

    330 Wh/mile av. over 20K miles. Isn’t it high?

    Hi guys! I’m a bit suspicious about energy consumption numbers on my 2019 Model 3 SR+. So, here are the readings: Current ride 11 miles 4kWh 372Wh/mile Winter 4188miles 1469kWh 350Wh/mile Total 19842 miles 6572 kWh 331 Wh/mile I’ve read other threads about energy consumption and looks like...
  2. L

    2023 Model Y LR Poor Mileage in real world

    I recently picked up my 2023 model y LR and have driven it less than 400 miles (600km) but noticed it has really horrible mileage. Two Instances: I would go 10 miles (16km) in city driving and it would eat up 6% battery making the mileage 166 miles (270km) on full charge. In another instance...
  3. P

    Model Y actual energy consumption

    I bought a new Model Y and have been driving it for a few weeks. According to the car, I've consumed about 185 Wh/km over the entire time. However, if I go with the Tesla App's charging stats, it actually works out to 279 Wh/km. If I consider energy as charged rather than as delivered, it's 317...
  4. 1

    Increased Energy use

    I’ve had my Y for only several months, but I noticed about a week ago that it seems to be suddenly using more power. Comparing the miles added via odometer to the reduction In miles in range, there’s a big disparity. In one recent period I put 92 miles on the odometer but had a range reduction...
  5. N

    How much power does your home draw overnight? (Baseline energy use)

    I recently got Powerwalls installed, so now the Tesla app shows me how much power my house is drawing. On a typical day, the house consumes about 18 kWh total (which I believe is below national average). Overnight when everyone’s asleep, the house draws draws 0.4 ~ 0.5kW, so these always-on...
  6. P

    Tesla Efficiency Visualization

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, For my Master's program, I'm researching the perception of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. I noticed many people have mixed feelings about the Tesla consumption graph. I was inspired by Tesla drivers' frustrations with the consumption metric display so I...
  7. M

    Why does my Model 3 use significantly less energy in self-driving mode?

    My Model 3 (dual motor long range AWD, Fall 2018) uses significantly less energy when it is on autopilot than when i drive the same roads at the same speed myself, as gently as possible, and using the single pedal (in standard mode)? On autopilot, which I use only on freeways or well-marked...
  8. N

    Easy to understand consumption number is my wish

    I realized what I really want on the interface. Since the range is highly variable based upon driving situation / variables, I choose to display battery in % which I feel is easier to think about. Now I have come to the realization of what I need to go along with it. If instead of ###Wh/mi the...
  9. P

    Abnormal consumption Model S P85D

    Hi there! This is my first post here as I’m a happy new owner of a second-hand Model S P85D from 2015. I have been using my Tesla for a month now, and I’m wondering if the energy consumption is « normal ». From the « Trip » screen in the car, I’m consuming on average 250Wh/km. That seems a...
  10. D

    Rear view camera - v9.0

    I like to keep the rear view camera always on the top half of my screen when driving. It seems like this is no longer allowed with v9.0. I can’t seem to get anything but the map on the top portion of the screen. Has anyone figured out to have something other than the map on the upper...
  11. S

    Air Resistance Indicator

    Hi I have built a webapp for the Tesla dashboard that shows you the energy used at your current speed on wind and air resistance. Enter http://airresistanceindicator.com or Air Resistance Indicator in your Teslas browser to try it out. It will give you some insights into how speed relates to...
  12. Haxster

    Vampire Drain Measurements

    While on vacation, I left our December, 2016 build HW2 90D MS connected through the Tesla Mobile Connector to 240V. The car has ~4,800 miles on it. The charge rate was set to 50% at 5 Amps. Energy Savings was ON and Always Connected was checked. Cabin overheat protection was on (D’oh!), but the...
  13. Haxster

    My Tesla Home Charging Setup

    The key features shown in the video are: • Quick and easy connect and disconnect • Nothing to roll up or store • No floor or overhead safety hazards • No interference with either of our two cars • Use of the standard Tesla Mobile connector • Charge and energy consumption metering
  14. B

    Monitored estimated charge at each stop

    Greetings, Took a 500 mile journey in my 2 mo. old S90D. I monitored my energy use and compared it with the nav system estimates of expected use at each supercharger stop. That is, if the nav system said 20% should be left at Mumble City, I noted it against the actual used when I got there...
  15. Haxster

    Another vampire drain measurement on a refresh MS 90D

    My December 2016 MS 90D sat quietly in my garage for two days. Settings: Power Saving: Off Always Connected: On (on home WiFi) Smart Preconditioning: Off Range Mode: Off Over a period of 47 hours, it's estimated range went from 198.4 to 189.2 miles. The car appears to assume that I will be...
  16. D

    Route planning and supercharger issue

    I've had my 2013 Model S for 9 months now and have put 15000 miles on her. About 6000 of those miles were during two long road trips with another coming up in late November. What I have learned is that the charge estimator works really really well except in places where the speed limit on the...
  17. O

    Wh/mile on your display can be quite different from actual consumption

    P90DL, 3000miles, got the car on June 1st. Displayed Wh/mile is 430ish/mile. Actual is 675wh/mile. 2025kwh has been charged to the car so far. Car is used in Southern California, Did use a lot of A/C.