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energy savings

  1. S

    Air Resistance Indicator

    Hi I have built a webapp for the Tesla dashboard that shows you the energy used at your current speed on wind and air resistance. Enter http://airresistanceindicator.com or Air Resistance Indicator in your Teslas browser to try it out. It will give you some insights into how speed relates to...
  2. S

    Inspired by Tesla Powerwall, I began working on how to make the Earth Greener

    Hi guys, New on Tesla Motor Club, so hope you will enjoy my thoughts and Elon, I really hope you will find this thread, I probably will notice and if not if will try other channels, once it comes to present my idea in person, since Tesla is the first company I would like to give a chance to...
  3. C

    AeroDynamic Drag, why fight it? Use it

    The Energy recuperate rate from the regen is around 64% maxed, i have read. And then there is energy lost through friction and Aerodynamic drag. I am just wondering if people has tried not to reduce aerodynamic drag but to calculate where the aerodynamic drag is the greatest.... or where the...
  4. Fritts

    Energy saving business idea.

    In the spirit of Tesla's commitment to improving society, I have an open source idea for any builders/businessmen out there: There's an old quip about a salesman being so good that he 'could sell ice cream to eskimos'. Oddly enough, that quote is 100% true. Every person who can afford a...