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energy usage

  1. S

    Preconditioning energy usage - plugged in vs. unplugged

    I thought it might be useful to share what I’m able to see using my Juicebox charger when it comes to preconditioning before departure. The screen shot below was taken after 17 min of preconditioning, while plugged into the charger obviously, and the battery was already at its charge setpoint...
  2. Haxster

    Another vampire drain measurement on a refresh MS 90D

    My December 2016 MS 90D sat quietly in my garage for two days. Settings: Power Saving: Off Always Connected: On (on home WiFi) Smart Preconditioning: Off Range Mode: Off Over a period of 47 hours, it's estimated range went from 198.4 to 189.2 miles. The car appears to assume that I will be...
  3. int32_t

    Mileage Stats, Etc

    I'm thinking ahead to my Model 3 and pondering how I would replicate an essential ritual which has always been a part of car ownership in my family. Regardless of who fills up the car, my family has always kept impeccable records of our gas usage every time: Litres added Cost per litre Fill-up...
  4. J

    Running a Tesla in the UK

    Apologies if this is an old topic but I've only recently discovered the Tesla marque and it's time for a new car. I'm curious whether UK drivers achieve the claimed long range quoted by Tesla considering that UK major roads are typically higher speed than US (at least when they are clear) and...
  5. proberge

    Model S Speedometer/Energy consumption scales

    I am not a Tesla owner yet but being a User Experience Designer I could not help but notice that Tesla is using "unconventionnal" scales for the speedometer and the energy consumption indicator.As I finished writing my thoughts on this subject...
  6. C

    EV Energy Usage while towing

    I have personally been asked many questions around EV power trains and how having so much torque would be great for an EV pickup (or model x) for towing. I personally am interested in this topic but have found lacking any credible and useful information around the subject. Was wondering if...