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  1. G

    Charging in Cornwall

    Hello everybody. I'm Georg and since the 2nd of March I'm driving around in London with a Model 3. In a few month I will have holiday in Cornwall (Haven, Riviere Sand). I could easily charge there but it's not allowed. Any ideas where to charge around that area? In London I found Polar Network...
  2. Sam_Alset

    Hello Tesla community, newbie here

    Hello community, I'm new to the world of tesla and new to the forum. So I took the plunge and sold my bmw i8 after only 12 months of ownership and depreciation of £45,000 (ouch). It all happened as a result of test driving the p100d model S which just made every other experience i have...
  3. D

    Private plate for sale.

    Hello, I'm new here, from the UK. I'm selling a private plate, perfect for your Tesla! I hope this is okay to post if not please do inform me! Dan.
  4. S

    Hello, from Bristol, England

    Hello everyone, I'm Chris from a little town called Portishead near Bristol, England and I own Summit Detailing. I've had several enquiries and subsequent bookings for new car protection details in 2015 so thought it was only right that I sign up here to glean more information on the cars & of...
  5. dauger

    F1′s Marc Priestly Test Drives Tesla Model S P85

    Marc Priestly of Formula 1 fame reviews a P85: http://eluxemagazine.com/eco-tech/tesla-s-p85/ with comparisons to Formula E and words like "The Model S is a great car, not just a great electric car."
  6. YoungStranger

    MAGLEV and High Speed Rail in the UK

    I have been folllowing Tesla Motors since 2006 and am obsessed by the cars and this site, even though as a public sector professional in the UK, I will never probably be able to buy one:frown: I am also interested in Maglev railway technology and have been following the attempts by UK...