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  1. J

    Radio (DAB) service following no longer working?

    Service following is when you’re listening to a syndicated network like Heart, Capital etc and you leave one area it auto switches to a better signal. Sometimes it can even switch from DAB to FM if the FM version is stronger (although I don’t think Tesla have ever done this). It’s a standard...
  2. Z

    Theater Center unsyncing and speaker popping

    Hey everyone, I'm having some issues that have been on going. 2021 MYLR. Bought new. Without fail, when I am watching Hulu or Netflix I will hear a pop or crackle from the speakers, the sound will go out completely and come back over a period of seconds, or the volume will lower with more...
  3. D

    MS 2019 75D No Theatre mode!!!

    I have tried everything, changed touchscreen language back and forth but no luck, Hard reboot, updated software and still no joy. It's not just blank theatre mode like someone previously asked but for me is in Entertainment has only arcade and toybox but I just can't see any Theatre option at...
  4. 2

    Music streaming - Spotify alternatives

    With Spotify in the news for being abandoned by some artists and customers, it seems to me Tesla has us married to Spotify by not offering alternative streaming services.
  5. C

    Fun project, concept: playseat, play AAA simracing PC games in VR with Quest2 from inside the car

    Hi to all, the idea: Parking car near a PC Windows in VR streaming mode to an Oculus Quest 2. Develop on PC a program that read car data, at least steering wheel angle and pedals and emulate a joystick (this is easy, i done a prototype with ViGEm Bus Driver). I'm stuck at read car data step. -...
  6. Z

    YouTube account login

    Have any of you figured out a way to login to your YouTube account in the car? I have YouTube premium and would like to be able to enjoy YouTube without ads and with my subscriptions and watch lists handy, but get a message from google to the effect of the browser not being secure/supported
  7. N

    I'm New to TMC and have a few questions

    Hi All, Bought my model 3 SR+ (no autopilot) in early December and love it. Since we live out in the country I also installed a Level 2 charger which suite all our needs since the nearest super charger is about an hour away. However we had to come to Boston for about 6 weeks (our first Long...
  8. M

    Can’t Connect to Entertainment/Theater

    While waiting to pick up our grandchildren from school we sometimes listened to things like Netflix. Lately, we can only connect when we are sitting outside our house and connect via our own WiFi. Currently, I can no longer add a WiFi network (away from home). Our ISP is Verizon Fios. Help.
  9. webbah

    Watch AppleTV+ via the browser

    I haven’t found a post on this via search so I thought I’d share what I’ve done to make this work. Not all of this is required. I wanted a seamless setup with onboard wifi that’s completely hidden (I live in an Apartment without wifi in the parking). The wifi onboard is free for me as I can...
  10. trekkie

    Detect the right user?

    I was setting up the second fob for my wife, getting the profile created. Does it detect the second key and adjust for her? i couldn't figure out how to set that. I saw easy entry but it only said 'link to 1' but no obvious way to set that to 2. She's shorter than me and would like to...
  11. T

    Camper mode + Entertainment

    This might sound silly, but it's actually something I've been experimenting with all day today. When sleeping in the car there has been a way to put it in "camper mode" before, that is you put the car in neutral, engage the parking brake from the Safety and Security page and then lock the car...
  12. crazyrudy

    Clear login credentials in Entertainment-Hulu

    I have an old Hulu account that is inactive, and a newer one that is active. I mistakenly logged in with the old account credentials, and cannot view anything in that profile. I cannot seem to find a menu option to clear the credentials or log in with a new account. Anyone have thoughts about...
  13. Silicon Desert

    Entertainment Video - "If self-driving cars were Southern"

    Full self-driving is finally here. Thanks Elon !!! :D Ok, not really. Just a joke. If this is not appropriate, then it can just be deleted. By seeing some of the tense discussions and snippiness lately, I thought we might lighten things up a bit. And hey, let's not make fun of our...
  14. S

    Any way to connect a video player to m3 screen?

    i realize it's the only I/o for the car and will likely be a problem. Regardless, is there a way to mod model 3 to play videos from iOS/Android/Blu-ray on its display or part of it? Think rear seat entertainment for kids.