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error message

  1. thetravelingdr

    VCFRONT_a192, VCFRONT_a180, BMS_a063, BMS_a167 electrical/battery/charging/charge port error codes & issues after UMC_a017 Wall Plug Temperature alert

    So I may have an answer from Tesla Service Center appointment on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the following scenario/scary error messages: UMC_a017: Charge Rate Reduced - Wall Plug Temperature high BMS_a167: Unable to charge - Charge port door must be closed to...
  2. C

    Power reduced error - how common is it and will it come back?

    I got the following error messages yesterday, accompanied by the 'turtle' icon and warning: Power Reduced (Front Motor temporarily disabled) Power reduced (Exiting and re-entering vehicle may restore operation) This is a 1 month old 2021 M3 LR. I'd made a couple of short (15 minute) journeys...
  3. AquaY

    Trouble using search function

    How does the search function actually work? Every time I search for a topic I get a list of thread titles but when I click on a thread title I get an error message: "Oops! We ran into some problems." This happens regardless of the search, and on every thread I click on. I noticed it about 2...
  4. T

    Error message --Low Power warning?--

    Hi, I'm a Japanese Model S owner. Recently, an error message was displayed on the instrument panel. The English translation is as follows. The vehicle may not restart. Maintenance is required. Has anyone seen the same message? Occasionally the shift lever does not respond and the car...
  5. refjamie

    [UMC] Handle Temperature High error

    Woke up this morning to a half-charged car and a 'Handle Temperature High' warning and the charge rate restricted to 5amp. There is no debris in the charge port, but looks like one of the pins is damaged. I've scheduled the earliest service I could, but that's not until 28th Jan. As I'm...
  6. C

    2nd Tesla - model X delivery DISASTER

    NEW MODEL X- 3 hrs after pickup, ERROR on everything!, CANNOT PARK, KIDS waiting for wife to pick them up in the rain! Tesla bull here and so excited about getting my 2nd Tesla after buying model 3 P in 2018. This is after waiting in line for one in 4/2016. So after making gobs of money...
  7. helvio

    TPMS Fault (And service scheduled for 1 month out)

    Hello Guys, I went on a road trip this weekend and out of nowhere I got the TPMS Fault error message, one tire is not reporting. Interestingly, at some point the left tire was the one not reporting, while the right was ok, and then it moved back to the right one. It's annoying, SC only has an...
  8. T

    ModelS P100D: Powertrain requires Service

    Hi, I drive a Tesla Model S P100D, 2017. Version: 2020.20.5 b1e18f9f15b0 My car displays the message: "Powertrain requires service. Avoid hard accelerations". Under normal driving circumstances (low speeds, no harsh acceleration) the car performs absolutely fine. Under higher speeds...
  9. R

    My Model Y's "Near Death Experience"

    Had my first service experience today with the Model Y and as the header denotes, could have gone better. It was a routine Mobile Service visit to install Homelink. The gentleman came and installed it in little time. He drove off and I hopped in the car to roll it into the garage. I noticed the...
  10. B

    2020 Model 3 - 14 days in - half of the car has no power?

    Today is the exact 14th day of having my 2020 model 3 Love the car and had no problems until last Friday- Got all the error messages when I tried to drive the car last Friday: Steel assist reduced Power reduced Regen breaking disabled Traction control disabled Vehicle hold feature...
  11. jorobsand

    Turn Signal Fault

    For the past couple of weeks, I have been getting a Turn Signal Fault indication on my dash of my Model S. Couple strange things to note about the fault: I can find nothing wrong with any of the lights themselves. All appear to be operating correcting. I receive the fault exactly twice each...
  12. S

    Maximum Charging Level Reduced error (1 yr Model 3)

    Well this just happen this morning when I got in my 1 year old 2019 model 3 AWD With 8600 miles. Car won’t charge when plugged in it would say “charging completed” and “charging started” continuously. I read somewhere on the model S forums that this error means a dead battery. Can’t even find a...
  13. dandrewk

    Charge Interrupted. Condensation in J1772 Plug w/Adapter?

    Purchased Model 3 in November 2019. We have been using a Clipper Creek EVSE for three years prior to that, using Tesla's J1772 adapter for the Model 3. No issues charging the Model 3 until recently. A couple of times, I noticed the EVSE was flashing a red error when plugged into the Tesla...
  14. singleview

    "Unable to start update. Try again later"

    Have anyone experienced this error message? I have an alert to update to 2019.36.2.1, and have been trying to do this for days. But every attempt fails, and I get an error message that simply reads: "Unable to start update. Try again later". I am currently on 2019.32.12.7. Any suggestions??
  15. T

    Door handle failure and error message

    Hi all, I'm in trouble. My model S door handle broke. I have already made a reservation for repair. It's a common failure, so I'm not worried too much, but I'm surprised that an error message came out. Moreover, this message came out two days after the door handle failure. Does anyone have...
  16. hmbprius

    Error Message Panic and next steps

    Hi helpful folks out there in the community...have been enjoying my little blue baby... did a couple of long trips and maybe after range charging seemed to have a bit longer range for a bit, then it seems to have drifted down but still reasonable. Loving driving this car. BUT THEN day before...
  17. thatisug

    Error | Incline too steep: parking brake may not hold

    Hello! Wondering if anyone has experienced this error and if anything was done to correct it?. Been about a week since I received 2019.8.3, and I have started getting this error whenever parking in my driveway (which is at an incline, however have been parking the same for 2 years with no...
  18. M

    "Charge cable may not be plugged in correctly"

    Hey, I've had my Model 3 for a couple of months. I've plugged it in and charged it many times without issues before. Usually, when I plug it in, after a second the Tesla logo turns dark blue (from pale blue), at which point the charge cable is locked in. But today, I got a car wash from one...
  19. S

    Strange error messages (or lack of)

    I had a strange problem with my Model 3 last weekend. I was going on a short trip and I loaded up the trunk. Then about 20 minutes later I got in the car and headed to the freeway. After 5 or 10 miles I engaged the cruise control, but I got an error that said (something like) "cruise is not...
  20. JChris

    Issue with Lowering Brackets by Unplugged Performance

    Hey X Family, First of all let me share that they (David) were great to work with. Here is my situation: My mechanic buddy just installed the kit. After all was installed , I lowered it to very low and it did lower but then went immediately back into Jack Mode. The X wouldn't get out of...
  21. Mknac

    Slacker Error "Captcha required to log in."

    So Slacker just stopped with the attached error message. I hit the "use Tesla account" button and nothing happens. Anybody know how to fix this error?
  22. 3

    Parking sensor error!

    Like some other have reported the front parking sensor is overly sensitive. I experienced twice today that the front right sensor actually tried to STOP me. There was no object in front of my car! Am not sure if it's related also experienced at the same time error message on dashboard "car...
  23. jbadger

    Power Train Problem Service required

    Hey guys, Well I was going to post an article about my fun adventure over the weekend installing new speakers, head unit, and iPhone 5 lightning connector for the dock in the center console, but today driving home from work I got the following error message on the VDS when I started the car...

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