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  1. Z

    Charging complete at 36miles. Not getting full range.

    While the car was being driven at around 20mins left at range on the way home and a warning came up for reduced power and the vehicle may not restart. Driver pulls over and of course car doesn’t not restart. Had to pull out the 12V battery to bring home to charge due to the charging port not...
  2. n.one.one

    Connecting to Powerwall - Error & solution

    Connecting to Powerwall (error message) I'm going to impersonate 'Carnac the Magnificent' and provide an answer for a question that no one has asked (just in case someone searches for it like I did). I had my vehicle plugged in and Charge on Solar (CoS) was already setup and had been working...
  3. S

    Second row seat error “unlatched”

    Over the past six months, I intermittently received the error message on my mid-row seat not being latched. In some cases, the seat wasn’t all the way back, but none of my controls (side of seat or touchscreen) could push it back more. The next time I turn the car, I could push it back and the...
  4. H

    2016 Falcon Door Not Latching - Fix?

    Hello, My passenger falcon door won't latch. It sounds like the door is too big for the aperture and its trying real hard to close but can't get there. If I push down on it while closing, I can get it to latch. I noticed there is a seal not seated properly (see pic), but I can push it back...
  5. S

    2017 Model s errors ( salvage )

    Hello , Hope you are doing well . I have these errors on my car , even though I serviced the brakes . How do I make the errors disappear ? My abs was working when I used the diagnostic tool to bleed the brakes before these errors came , but now I can’t turn it on . Also I have an air suspension...
  6. E

    M3 Airbag error rcm_a093 rcm_a003

    Hello everyone. I got a problem after clening my M3, error with srs maybe smbd know what is mean?
  7. A

    Model 3 Not Charging with Siemens vg2 charger

    I recently purchased a 2023 Model 3 and to my surprise it won't charge with my Siemens vg2 charger. I had this charger previously installed (and it works) with my other EVs, but when I try to charge my Tesla with a J1772 adapter, it errors, returning "Charging equipment communication error." I...
  8. DeanaRock

    Cabin Climate control system requires service

    On our drive from VT to FL in our 2020MY, and JUST after getting into 90* temps, our AC stopped working. Admittedly, the climate system seemed to be making an unusual sound at times, but everything seemed to be working fine. I’ve already submitted a service request but wondered if anyone else...
  9. A

    Tesla Model 3 and Zappi v2 Charging Issue

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone can suggest what could be issue with my Zappi v2 and Tesla Model 3. I've had both since around April, never had any issues (and I charge every day) until about a month or two ago. Suddenly charging kept stopping after a few mins of plugging in. It would only happen...
  10. Sanderpman12

    Mcu_w013 mcu_w007 error

    How do i fix these errors?
  11. S

    Autopilot safety feature error

    The past week several mornings I get beeps and notifications that my Autopilot Safety Features are not functioning and they may work on next drive. Today sentry reported an error to my phone app that it was not functioning because of the cameras. 2018 Model 3 Long Range Software v11.0...
  12. D

    Error CHG_u015_FCdisabled, how to fix it

    Hello, when connecting to the Supercharger v2 an error popped up: CHG_u015_FCdisabled [customer, service-fix], DC charging is not possible, work only AC . In the car configuration FC and other charging is enabled. Does anyone know this message and know what how to fix it. Car have free...
  13. C

    Sentry Mode Triggering every minutes

    Hey guys, my 2021 MYP is acting up as Sentry Mode keeps triggering every minute after my latest update v10.2 (2021.36.5.5). Every recording is about a minute long also and then it will just trigger again thus recording for another minute. This has never happened before and just started happening...
  14. H

    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    Every so often a family friend will send me a link about Tesla crashes on autopilot and how dangerous my new car can be. I've always thought that these must be people who are doing really crazy things, until I took a road trip from San Diego to Dallas that took me through some curvy mountain...
  15. S

    method: getOnBoardingData()

    Help! Delivery day is coming up for me and I get this error code when I try to log onto the app: method: getOnBoardingData() server failed to response. Is the server running? I know I have limited access until delivery but I should be seeing video tutorials and a welcome message. How do I fix...
  16. J

    The 2000 Mile Test Drive in my M3

    I was excited to make my first long range trip in my Model 3. It felt like a challenge and an opportunity to learn about the car. I did some research on Supercharger locations, miles between them, and hotels with Tesla Destination chargers. I discovered that the Trip Planner can do most of...
  17. Ctein

    Erroneous "Frunk Unlatched" warning!

    Dear Folks, My Tesla claims the frunk is unlatched when the front end of the car gets really hot (from air temperature/sun on the hood). The warning goes away once I've driven a few minutes. Discovered this on a road trip to Lake Tahoe -- not amused! I've got a service appointment for...
  18. P

    Weak Seat Motors

    Howdy y'all! I recently did a test drive of a Model Y. Amazing vehicle, but I was surprised and disappointed to find out that the seat motors for both driver and passenger are too weak to adjust the seat without me lifting myself off of them. I am a large dude (350). I've never had this problem...
  19. Ostrichsak

    Quick PSA About Changing the Key Fob Battery & "Key Fob Battery Low" Error Message

    If/when you get the "key fob low battery" I would recommend the following as best practices: 1) Change not one but BOTH (or all three if you got a 3rd) batteries at the same time. They should last about a year and (if you buy them right) they're not super expensive. I found that you can get 4...
  20. A

    Schade door kapot scherm en slechte service

    Goedendag, ik ben op zoek naar mensen die, net als ik, slechte ervaringen hebben met Tesla's Service Center. Na 3 maanden ellende met het (toch wel als vitaal onderdeel aan te merken) scherm, 3 bezoeken aan het Service Center en een fikse deuk in die dure wagen, ben ik er wel klaar mee. Wat is...
  21. D

    Error: Precharge too long

    Hello everybody! Maybe someone has seen and fixed problem with precharge circuit? I have already tried to swap DC-DC convertor, motor, nothing changed. Maximal voltage seen as spike on HV line is 250 volts for a second maybe, when car tries to close contactors. It tries many times after some...
  22. fasteddie7

    Charging problems or weather related?

    I might be having a charging issue...not sure. When I got home last night after a snow/rainy hour commute, I brought my charger to the port and pressed the button. It opened but the lights didn't come on and the little tab that was in there clicked a few times. After that it finally lit up...
  23. FeVeRNL

    Regeling adaptief rijden uitgeschakeld (DI_u032 & TAS2_a314)

    Sinds enkele weken geeft mijn MX spontaan een foutmelding (DI_u032 & TAS2_a314), zie screenshots. Deze foutmelding is ontstaan nadat ik de MX thuis geparkeerd heb en de volgende ochtend de MX weer in gebruik wilde nemen. Het vreemde is dat deze melding soms spontaan na een laadsessie bij een SuC...
  24. singleview

    "Unable to start update. Try again later"

    Have anyone experienced this error message? I have an alert to update to 2019.36.2.1, and have been trying to do this for days. But every attempt fails, and I get an error message that simply reads: "Unable to start update. Try again later". I am currently on 2019.32.12.7. Any suggestions??
  25. Ostrichsak

    How to Fix: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" Error in App

    For those who recently got the firmware update that allows you to access your Homelink doors via the app under "Controls" but get the following message: "There are no HomeLink-enabled garage doors near your vehicle" On your car's screen go into settings, then Autopilot and then Summon Settings...
  26. BZM3

    Autopilot Error - Following Car in Adjacent Lane

    I'm not sure if there is another thread specific to this issue, as I haven't been able to locate one. As you can see in the picture I took last night, my car is thinking that the car all the way in another lane is my "follow car" which you can tell because the car is dark gray on the display...
  27. T

    “Blindspot Detection Limited” after Clearbra

    I had a clear bra installed on my front hood, bumper and parts of the side which required them to disconnect and reconnect my side cameras. After they finished I noticed the error “blindspot detection limited - camera visibility reduced” appear. I’ve gone through all the posts which say to...
  28. W

    While breaking, if you get the error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed"...

    I have a 2019 built Model 3. I haven't had it for more than 3 months. Recently, in the past week or so, I began seeing an annoying error message "Both pedals pressed - Motor power removed" every time I braked. (I was not pressing both pedals). I attached the error message to show what it looked...
  29. M

    422 API Error (duplicate txid)

    Hi there, I'm getting an error 422 response when asking for vehicle data. { "response": null, "error": "{\"error\": \"duplicate txid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\"} for txid `xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx`", "error_description": "" } Does anyone know why this error appears? I'm...
  30. fasteddie7

    Anyone Experienced This Service Message

    My 2016.5 75D 66k miles has this bizarre issue that no one seems to know what it's caused by. Once every few days sometimes about a week a car needs service message pops up for less than a second followed by a short alert tone. The service center has checked the logs and saw where the message...
  31. madreag

    Charge Speed Reduced, unplug and try again

    Last night, I plugged in my Model 3 into my home HPWC like normal. About 30 minutes later, I checked my phone to see if charging was going good, at which point I noticed it was only charging at 32A. Entered my car and noticed the following error: "Charge speed reduced, unplug and try again...
  32. N

    HomeLink dropping garagedoor code after latest update

    Has anyone else experienced the HomeLink no longer being able to activate the garage door? I had to reset it last night and this morning it no longer activated the garage door. Keeping the normal opener in the car now...
  33. B

    All fault light flashing on dashboard !

    Hello, I have a problem with my tesla model s p85 2013. all the fault indicators turn on and the car does what it wants watch on video. Does anyone know where the problem is? Thanks. *Unrelated video removed by moderator
  34. P

    Sensors on Model X Picking up non-existent objects?

    I was pulling out of a parallel parking spot today and my Model X started chiming like crazy, warning me that I was about to hit something. I got out of the car and didn't see anything that I was close to hitting. I got back in the car and started again and the same thing happened. I got out...
  35. J

    My car randomly turned itself on. WTF?

    So i pick up my phone to make a call, and I realize that i can't hear anything. I check my audio connection and it showed bluetooth active. I check which device it is and it say it's my Tesla. Well ok what they hell, because it's been sitting in my garage for the last 5 hours. I go out to the...
  36. Peteybabes

    Model X Sound System Messed Up!?

    Hello, this morning I had a really weird experience with my car this morning which I've posted in this video below. has anybody else had this happen to them? it started when it switched songs, but the music kept playing until I pressed pause... perhaps the navigation and music caused this...